Welcome to the U of R – or welcome back

By Dale Johnson Posted: August 25, 2017 6:00 a.m.

Move-in day begins September 1 at U of R residences. Students will find plenty of help from student volunteers to ensure a smooth moving day.
Move-in day begins September 1 at U of R residences. Students will find plenty of help from student volunteers to ensure a smooth moving day. Photo: External Relations

The countdown is on for another academic year, with Welcome Weekend beginning on Friday, September 1, when some students will move into their new residences at the U of R.

For many students this will be the first time they are living away from home.

“Students are joining us from all over the province, country and world. Many of them have not experienced university life at all. This is their chance to meet some other students, get familiar with their new home and have some fun before classes begin,” says Naomi Deren, the manager of the Student Success Centre.

To help get settled in, Welcome Weekend will include many different events.

There will be orientation sessions on Friday and Saturday afternoon, followed by family barbeques.

There will also be information sessions on how to find classes. The weekend also includes such recreational events as taking in a Rams game, watching movies, coffee and crafts, fitness classes, the annual Labour Day Classic viewing party, samplers of UR Fit course offerings, and a night at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum including pizza and a movie.

“The Sharpie party is so popular because it provides an easy way for students to mingle and get to know one another by signing each other's shirts. Many of our students save their shirts as a memento. The Nintendo Lounge is popular because some people prefer quieter activities, and the Netflix and Nintendo Lounge gives students to relax and chill,” says Deren.

She also says there will be an event called “Get Swabbed” on September 4 from 9:30 a.m. to 230 p.m. in Wakpa Tower.

“Our University motto is ‘As one Who Serves’ and giving back to our community is part of our culture. We want new students to get involved right away. They can participate in this stem cell drive – a cheek swab – to build the national database to help ensure that people in need of stem cell transplants can find donors,” explains Deren.

As well as the old, familiar and traditional ice breakers, Deren says there are some new events.

“This year we add the 2017 Green, Gold and Bold Kick-Off event on Monday, September 4. All students, including current students, are invited to join in on this event which will take place on the Green and will include entertainment, food, and games. Many of our past students mentioned that they wanted to get to know current students as well, which is the reason we are adding this event. We are also adding a coffee house tour and a paint night based on past students' feedback,” she says.

Welcome Weekend is not only for students living on campus.

“We are inviting off-campus students to meet us at the Riddell Centre Crush Space 15 minutes before each event in our Commuter Central. It will provide students a chance to meet each other and visit, and join the activities as a group.”

In all, about 600 people are expected to take part in Welcome Weekend.