Financial Aid

A university education is an investment in your future — offering opportunities for personal, professional and financial growth. Employees with bachelor’s degrees or higher typically earn more each year and throughout their lives than those without.

Financial aid options such as scholarships and awards, which do not require repayment, make a university education possible for many families and individuals.

By accessing all forms of financial aid available, you can better manage:

  • Your budget before and after graduation
  • Your stress levels and academic success while in school (since you’ll be less distracted by financial matters)

Steps to Apply for Financial Aid

  1. Submit your admissions application, application fee and supporting documents. U of R automatically considers students for automatic entrance awards upon acceptance.

  2. Apply for additional scholarships and awards that require a separate application through the Student Awards Management System.

  3. Learn more about student loans.

  4. Consider additional funding opportunities.

  5. Investigate sponsorship opportunities, such as band funding for First Nations students.

Frequently Asked Questions About Financial Aid

What’s your best financial aid advice?

Good question!

  • Give yourself time to navigate through the scholarships and awards system to see your many options.
  • Attend a award application workshop to learn more.
  • Apply for scholarships and awards, rather than limiting your options by assuming you aren’t eligible and not applying. The U of R selects scholarships and awards based on a variety of eligibility criteria. Some awards focus more on academic achievement or grades, but others look more strongly at financial need or extracurricular and community involvement.
  • Follow these tips for doing your best on award applications.
  • Check for financial aid options through your home province.
  • The financial support that is a good fit for you may be different than others. Some students choose student loans; others rely on scholarships and savings. Making informed decisions will help in the long run. Don’t count yourself out because you think you won’t receive financial aid. Put in the application for the options you want to pursue.
How do I find scholarships and awards offered at the University of Regina?
You can browse the entire awards inventory on SAMS (Student Award Management System) to see every scholarship, award and bursary offered. Note that all applicants are automatically considered for automatic entrance awards. See details on entrance awards here.
What is SAMS?

SAMS is the U of R’s online Student Awards Management System. You can use SAMS two ways:

  1. Public search page: Visit SAMS and log in as a guest. Anyone can browse the entire awards inventory, see award values, view eligibility criteria and check the application deadlines without creating a login account.
  2. Secure login page: U of R students can register to use the secure SAMS site to see their own academic information, apply online for awards and see a summary of past awards received.
What is a Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP), and where do I go to get my RESP form signed?

Registered Education Savings Plan are investment vehicles that some families use to prepare for university expenses.

You can get your RESP form signed at the Registrar's Office or your federated college. The Student Awards and Financial Aid office is not authorized to complete these forms.

The Registrar's Office is in Room 210, Administration-Humanities Building.


What awards are available to international students?

International student are eligible for all University of Regina awards, except those that require Canadian citizenship or permanent residency. If you meet all the eligibility criteria of an award please submit an application so you can be included for consideration. There are also special entrance scholarships specifically for international students.