In collaboration with Centre for Continuing Education, the Confucius Institute at the University of Regina offers a series of workshops. These workshops are designed for those with an interest in Chinese culture and want to learn it in an interactive way. Not only can you get new thoughts about Chinese food and arts, but also you can learn some practical skills. We have highly qualified instructors and we will also have everything set up for you. Just come and have fun!

Chinese Taichi Workshop

The Chinese characters for Tai Chi can be translated as the “Supreme Ultimate Force.” The notion of “supreme ultimate” is often associated with the Chinese concept of yin-yang, the notion that one can see a dynamic duality (male/female, active/passive, dark/light, forceful/yielding, etc.) in all things. There are a number of so-called forms (sometimes also called 'sets') which consist of a sequence of movements. Movements performed in Tai Chi are slow, soft, and graceful with smooth and even transitions between them. We will hold a series of Tai Chi workshops in which you will learn its basic postures and enjoy the beauty and tranquility of nature.

Date: Saturdays, January 26 - March 30 2019.

Time:  9:30-10:30 am

Location:  College Building 230, University of Regina College Avenue Campus

Workshop Capacity: 20

Instructor: Master Chuanwu Li

Workshop Fee: $90 (GST included)

Registration: T'ai Chi

Chinese Cooking Workshop

The Chinese Cooking Workshop offers more than just cooking. This workshop will provide fun and enjoyable experience for everyone who is interested in Chinese cooking culture. Four special cooking workshops will be scheduled in the fall semester. Each workshop will cover different elements of Chinese cuisine. The instructor will share recipes, explain various cooking styles, and demonstrate how to make delicious Chinese dishes. It’s a good place to make friends, learn, and have fun!

Date: Thursdays, February 7 - February 28 2018 (4 classes total).

Time: 6:30-8:30 pm

Location: Room 120, Campbell Colligate

Workshop Capacity: 12

Instructor: Kitty Chan

Workshop Fee: $160 (program materials included)

Registration: Chinese Cooking

To register in person, or by phone:

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If you have any questions about the courses and workshops, please feel free to contact us:
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