Current Students

Welcome to the University of Regina!

As a valued international student, UR International wants to ensure that you receive all of the support available to assist you throughout the duration of your time as a student with us. Our programming and services are designed with you in mind to provide valuable information about navigating the University of Regina and the Canadian academic, legal, and immigration systems, while engaging you in a culturally diverse environment that will enrich your educational journey.

At UR International, your home away from home, we believe in building a strong foundation for academic excellence and encourage you to utilize the services and programs offered through our office, in our Global Learning Centre, and across our campus.

UR International is here for you at any time and our International Student Services team is always ready to support you throughout the entirety of your academic program.

 In order to apply for a study permit, you need to include the Designated Learning Institution number (DLI #) of the University of Regina.The University of Regina Designated Learning Institution number (DLI #) is O19425660270. This number is beginning with the letter "O".

Notice for New International Students
If you are a new international student, please note that you may be required to obtain an attestation letter to support your study permit application.

For more inormation, please visit: