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Co-op/internship/placement/practicum/field Work Permit

The U of R is the first to establish a cooperative education program in Western Canada. There are over 50 areas of study that offer students co-op education. U of R Co-op students together earned $10 million in 2017!

As an international student, you may be eligible for the Co-op program. You must first ensure that you are enrolled in a Co-op route in your program of study and receive a letter from the Co-op office before you can apply for a Co-op Work Permit. You must receive your Co-op Work Permit before going on a Co-op internship/work term.

Co-op/internship/placement/practicum/field Work Permit 

I want to Solution
Apply for a Co-op Internship at the University of Regina

Contact the Co-operative Education Program Office

Know if I'm eligible for a Co-op Work Permit Visit IRCC's website
Apply for a Co-op Work Permit online Apply online through IRCC's Website
Apply for a Co-op Work Permit by paper Get the application package through IRCC's website

Apply for a Co-op Work Permit because it will/has expired

Contact the Co-operation Education Program Office to see if you need a new Co-op Letter

Apply online through IRCC's website

Get my Co-op/internship/practicum Letter Your Co-op/internship/practicum Letter is issued to you and can be found in your Co-op acceptance package, signed by the U of R Co-op Recruitment Liaison Coordinator or by the Faculty.
Get my U of R Confirmation of Enrollment

Registrar's Office

Click "How to Request a Confirmation of Enrolment"

Get my U of R Unofficial Transcripts Go to UR Self-Service
Scan my documents You can scan your documents at the Library
Learn how to complete the application form for a Work Permit Visit IRCC's website

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to learn more about the University of Regina's Co-operative Education and Internship Programs

I have applied for my Co-op Work Permit. When can I expect to receive it?

It has been over 1 month since I applied for my Co-op Work Permit and I have not yet received it. How can I contact IRCC?

Do I need to apply for a co-op/ internship work permit, if I am required to participate in a mandatory co-op/internship/practicum/placement/field work?

My Co-op work permit says "not authorized to work for any employer other than stated." What does it mean?