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Seatbelt by Natasha Urkow's

Tue., Nov. 26, 2019 7:30 p.m.

Location: University of Regina Shumiatcher (Shubox) Theatre (wheel chair accessible)

There is a trigger warning for mature and traumatic content.

All are welcome!

Written, performed, and directed by Natasha Urkow in partial fulfilment of her MFA Graduating shoe, Seatbelt brings nine actors to the stage under the guidance of Listen to Dis Community Arts founder Traci Foster. The play challenges traditional theatre conventions using film projections to integrate actors of mixed abilities into the performance. Seatbelt is a leading example how to normalize a working relationship in performance between disabled and non- disabled, typical and atypical artists.

The play is a dramatic cautionary tale written in autobiographical form from the true- life journey of a young woman who sustains a spinal cord injury from a violent car crash. Entering the world of “other”, it emphasizes the social- and psychological anxieties that the transformation creates for her and her family. The play exemplifies how the medical system treats and perceives disabled people, focusing on the communication and relationships inside the medical institution of a hospital between staff and unfortunate newcomers and exposing how one’s identity becomes reliant on medicalized labels. Seatbelt demonstrates this loss of personhood and how a young woman and her family push through the chaos to come out alive.

Actors: Bradley McDougall, Ammanda Zielinski, Rachel Walliser, Paul Henrik Borup-Jorgensen, Mike Musa, Nicole Bear, and Finn Burke

Stage Manager: Kelsey Jones