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Study Permit Extension Workshop

Wed., Jun. 19, 2024 9:30 a.m. - Wed., Jun. 19, 2024 11:30 a.m.

Location: Archer Library (LY 107.32 - Regina Room)

NOTE: This is an in-person workshop! Students are asked to join the event a few minutes prior to the start of the workshop.

Are you an international student studying at the U of R?

Do you have a valid study permit that will be expiring in the next few months?

If yes, then we invite you to join this session to work through and learn about the application process!

This session will provide an overview of the application process. Students are encouraged to bring their own laptops or devices in order to follow along in the application process.

Valid study permits are required for all international students who are studying for more than 6 months in Canada.

In order to continue studying in Canada, you must apply to extend your study permit within 90 days before the expiry of your current study permit.

If you need to extend your study permit, do not wait until the last moment. Plan to submit your application as soon as possible once you are within 90 days of your current study permit expiring. Applying too close to the expiry date of your current study permit may result in complications or delays with your application.

This session will be held in the Archer Library (LY 107.32 - Regina Room) and is facilitated by trained UR International staff. 

*This session is offered to provide a general overview of the application process.

This workshop is free for University of Regina students. Must be a registered University of Regina student to attend.