We Welcome the World

Canadians are known across the world as friendly, welcoming people who love to learn about different cultures. Canada welcomes more than 150,000 international students each year and spends more per capita on its education system than most countries. Our multicultural heritage means life here is diverse and exciting.


With its growing population, booming economy and exciting future, Saskatchewan is a place where you can enjoy life and succeed. Located in the centre of Canada, Saskatchewan is a great starting point to explore the whole country. Direct flights from Regina International Airport can take you to most major Canadian cities. 

Experience the natural beauty of Saskatchewan by taking a road trip to discover the majestic lakes in the plains of the south and deep forests of the north. And take a break from your studies to enjoy camping, fishing, hunting, swimming, canoeing, and hiking at pristine lakes just outside of Regina. Fishing in Saskatchewan is among the best in the world, and you can see an abundance of wildlife. In winter, enjoy snowboarding, skiing, skating, and hockey as the snow falls around you.