Visiting Research Student Program

Are you a talented researcher looking for the opportunity to gain some research experience in Canada? The University of Regina definitely has the program for you!

Research has become increasingly interdisciplinary and networked. Research equipment has become more specialized and costly, as well. Accordingly, researchers from one university may seek opportunities to spend time the university of Regina in order to complete or enhance their research. Research students have the opportunity to work with University of Regina professors on current research projects.

UR International Study Abroad & Mobility encourages student mobility, nationally and internationally, in order to foster the exchange of ideas, specialized training, research collaboration, and interdisciplinary perspectives.

The Visiting Research Student category is available to students who are enrolled in a degree program at an accredited university and who wish to do research at the University of Regina. Visiting Research Students will be afforded access to pertinent research services and to essential student services. Access to health and other benefits plans, transit passes, etc., may need to be arranged separately.

Please note that Visiting Research Students may not enroll in, or audit, courses at the University during their stay.

Undergraduate Visiting Research Student

Visiting Graduate Research Student