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When I Return

How was your trip? Our team at UR International wants to hear about your Study Abroad experience! So come by the office and let us know!


Upon your return to the U of R, please contact us to schedule a meeting with our Global Education Advisor to review your time away. We would like to learn about your experiences, what you enjoyed, and assist you with any questions or concerns about your program abroad.


We will ask you to complete an evaluation of your trip abroad. This helps us with understanding how best to serve you and future Study Abroad participants.

A great way to learn about the U of R is by talking to a U of R student. UR International can connect you to a Canadian or international student who knows the university well, and would like to learn about a different culture through you! This program hopes to help you adjust to life at the U of R, get to know the city, promote cultural exchange, and to connect you with a friend.

Join UR Study Abroad Alumni Network!

When you return from your studies abroad, join our team as Study Abroad Alumni!

Alumni Network is an intiative that UR Study Abroad & Global Mobility launched in the Fall 2021, to connect UR Study Abroad students to help them continue developing their global citizenship skills and make meaningful connections through internaitonal learning, even after their program concludes.

Click HERE for more information about the program.