It's Easy to Apply!

A quick step-by-step guide for your journey to study abroad!

STEP 1: Meet with a Global Education Advisor (Contact OR Click HERE to book a meeting)

STEP 2: Meet with your faculty's academic advisor

STEP 3: Research 5 host schools of your choice, along with 5 classes at each host school (visit "Where Can I Go?")

STEP 4: Collect and submit all necessary documents along with a Study Abroad Application!

STEP 5: Arrange a Pre-Placement Interview with a Global Education Advisor (students will be contacted upon reviewing the submitted application)

STEP 6: Submit a Host School Application (students will be guided by a Global Education Advisor)

STEP 7: Receive Official Acceptance Package and submit the required documents included in the package, apply for scholarship and/or other funding resources if needed & prepare for travel if in-person (e.g., immigration documents, flight tickets, etc.) OR prepare for program start if virtual

STEP 8: Attend a Pre-Departure Session (students will be contacted to attend)

STEP 9: Explore the world!

Click to view Student Planning Guide for Study Abroad

Click to view Study Abroad Step-by-Step Flowchart

Contact UR International Study Abroad & Global Mobility today as you embark on this amazing journey!

Study Abroad & Global Mobility