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M365 is free for active (enrolled and registered) University of Regina Students!
*As further information comes in about M365 it will be added to this site.
2024 Description


Tuesday, February 20

  • Start using Outlook.
  • Access email online at or in the MS Outlook app or another mail app.
  • Use your same and current password to login (the same password you currently use for UR Courses).
  • All Webmail accounts, including emails will have automatically transferred to Outlook.
  • If you created a secondary alias it will continue to work.
  • Full access to M365 Office applications online and ability to download on up to 5 devices.
  • Office includes: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneDrive.
  • If you already have a student M365/Microsoft account, the password will be synced with your uregina password as part of this conversion.
Note: If you have your email forwarded to another address, no action is required and the existing email forwarding will remain in place.

May 3-6

  • Between 8:00 AM on Friday, May 3 and 8:00 AM on Monday, May 6, 2024

    Student i:/ drive and FILR files will be transferred to OneDrive.

May 6

  • Login to computer lab systems will change.
  • Sign in with your uregina Microsoft account (instead of just username by itself) and current password.
Early May
  • Microsoft Teams implementation.
May 27
  • Webmail decommissioned (end date).
July 31

  • FILR will no longer be available.
  • FILR Shared public links in FILR will still work until December 18, 2024 (Wednesday).
December 18
  • FILR will no longer be available and fully retired.

*If you are an Employee and a Student, you will fall under the Employee category for this transition.
*Employees include current Faculty, Staff, Sessionals, Researchers, employed Coop, Casual, and Grad Students who use GroupWise.

Outlook is here for Students!

  • You can login to Outlook at by entering your and your current password.

Upcoming Student Info Sessions


View Previously Recorded Webinar: Webinar Video

  • Password: vfa6%#@u
NOTE: Information and timelines have changed, since this recording. See timeline at the top of this web page for current information.


Will anything change with the Campus Lab Computers after M365 is implemented?
  • The Login page looks different, and you need to login with your instead of just your username.
  • Your password will remain the same.
What happens to my files in i:/ Drive and FILR?
  • All your existing i:/ Drive and FILR files have moved to OneDrive. 
  • FILR is no longer be available and is view only until July 31, 2024.
  • Anything you are currently 'sharing' in FILR will no longer be shared after the implementation.
How will I know if my Webmail has transfered to Outlook?
  • You will be able to log into Webmail and you will see all your emails  have transferred to your new Outook account.
What if some of my Webmail emails are missing from Outlook?
Please contact the IS Service Desk (formerly, IT Support) for assistance.
Will I retain access to Webmail after the transition to Outlook?
  • Your access to Webmail is no longer active.
Will my contact lists transfer from Webmail to Outlook?
  • Yes, your contact lists have moved to Outlook.
What if I have my Webmail fowarded to another email account?
  • If you set up forwarding to another email address, it will remain forwarded.
  • No action is required.
What M365 Applications will I have access to?
University of Regina is offering free access to M365, which includes:
  • Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, OneDrive, and Teams.
  • You may use applications online or download them on up to 5 devices.
What if I am a student but also an employee at the University of Regina?
  • If you are an employee but also take classes sometimes, you will fall under the employee category for this transition.
  • If you are a student, but currently working as a Casual, Coop, or Grad student and using GroupWise, you will have moved your email from Webmail to GroupWise before April 29, 2024.

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FILR and i:/ will be moving to OneDrive at the beginning of May.