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Visitors on Campus

Free WiFi Access for Visitors

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Information Services provides visitors to campus access to sponsored temporary guest accounts, printing, copying, and free WiFi.

  • Visitors, who have a Guest Account (for computer login and printing) can connect to 'eduroam' WiFi while on campus.
  • If you do not have a urguest account then, you can connect to the 'uofrGuest' WiFi.

Guest Accounts Information

Temporary Sponsored Guest Accounts

Guest accounts which provide temporary access to the Campus network and internet on desktop computers in public computer labs or smart classrooms, as well as eduroam WiFi, are sponsored by a University of Regina employee.

  • Guest Accounts do not provide access to a University email account, remote access, VPN, or network storage.

  • The accounts are temporary and will automatically expire after a set time frame from 1 day up to a maximum of 3 weeks from the start activation date.

  • Printing is available with the purchase of printing credit by following the instructions on guest printing.

  • Visitors using a University network guest account must agree to and abide by the Use of Computer and Network Systems Policy.

Who can have a Sponsored Guest Account?
  • Permitted Sponsored Guest Accounts include, University visitors include conference and workshop attendees, guest lecturers, business partners, vendors and visiting scholars.
  • Sponsored Guest Accounts are not for non-academic or non-business reasons, friends, or family members.
How does a Guest Account get setup?
  • Sponsored Guest Accounts can be created with a future activation date.
  • A Sponsored Guest Account supported by a current employee is filled out at Sponsored Guest Account Setup Form (employees only).
  • Your Sponsor authenticates with their personal account, then enter the requested details, and submit.
  • Alternatively, an employee can contact the IT Support Centre to request a temporary Sponsored Guest Account.
What Guest Account Information is Required for to Setup?
  • A description of the purpose for the account, the name and contact information of the sponsored guest.
  • The guest account information will be released to the sponsor who will be responsible for the account(s), while they are active.
  • The sponsor will securely provide the guest account information to the visitor(s) once they arrive on campus.

Archer Library Guest Accounts

Archer Library Visitor Account Information (no Sponsorship required)
  • Campus Visitors can access internet on Library Commons computers.
  • Library Guest accounts are not for a University email account or network storage. 
  • Library Visitors using a network guest account must agree to abide by the Use of Computer and Network Systems Policy.
How do I get an Archer Library Guest Account?
Visitors to the Archer Library can obtain a library guest account at the IT Support Centre location in the Archer Library main floor commons (left of the main doors).
  • If no one is available at IT Support, the Staff at the Library Help Desk may be able to assist you.
  • Visitors requesting a library guest account are asked to a provide name and contact information. 
How long does it take to get a Library Guest Account and how long is my access?
  • Library Guest accounts are available on the spot during regular hours of operation of the IT Support Centre located in the Archer Library Commons.
  • Guest accounts are temporary and time limited. Please inquire, about the length of time for your temporary access.

Visitor Printing

  • You can print, copy, or scan in a campus Library with a Guest Account and by purchasing a prepaid Print Card (find at Dr. John Archer Library Information Desk).
  • If you don't have a Guest Account you can create one and redeem the prepaid card. Select 'Campus Visitors: Register as a new user' if you do not have a Guest Account.

Visitor Printing Info

Visitors need two separate accounts to print

Temporary Sponsored Guest Account

  • A Temporary Sponsored Guest Account that begins with 'urguest' is required to log in to campus public lab computers.
  • Sponsored Guest Accounts are available to employee sponsored visitors to campus. These accounts provide temporary access to the University network and internet on desktop computers in public computer labs or smart classrooms, and eduroam WiFi.
  • OR if you do not have a temporary 'urguest' account, you can request one from a University of Regina employee, such as the Staff in the Archer Library IT Support Desk or the Help Desk. 

Papercut Visitor Printing Account

  • A Papercut Visitor Printing Account that beginning with UR-, with available credit, is required to print or copy.
  • If you do not have a UR- Visitor Printing Account, you can create one when you redeem your card.
How do I Purchase Printing Credit?
Printing credit can be purchased from the Dr. John Archer Library Help Desk (main floor) or Printing Services in the Administration and Humanities building Room 118.
How do I Redeem Printing Credit to my Account?
  1. Log in to a lab computer with your temporary 'urguest' guest account with your username and password.
  2. Go to
  3. Log in with existing UR- visitor printing account username and password.
  4. Once logged in, click Redeem Card.
  5. Enter the Card Number.
  6. Click the Redeem button.
  7. Credit is now available for your printing, scanning, and copying.
How do I Print from a Public Lab Computer to a Public Print Optimization Device?
  1. Printers are located in the Dr John Archer Library commons, as well as other public labs on campus.
  2. Log in to the lab computer with your 'urguest' temporary guest account username and password.
  3. Print as required: when prompted for credentials for Papercut, enter your UR- visitor printing account username and password that you used to redeem your card.
  4. The charges will be deducted from your available credit.
Can I Copy or Scan at a Public Print Optimization Copy Device?
  1. Copiers are located in the Dr. John Archer Library commons area.
  2. Log in to the copier with your UR- visitor printing credentials used to redeem your card.
  3. Make copies, or scan to email, as required following the prompts on the screen.
  4. The charges will be deducted from your available credit.
Is there somewhere on campus where I can get Printing, Copies, or Scans done for me?
Printing Services is located in the Administration-Humanities Building, Room 118.
  • They offer a variety of printing services, including large format printing, bulk copying, thesis binding and design services.
  • Printing ServicesFor general inquiries, call 306-585-4488 or email