Occupational Testing

The team of professionals in the Centre for Health, Wellness & Performance (CHWP) are trained to provide pre-employment testing and training for human-service professions. Testing is scheduled in advance, please refer to your required test for the testing protocol and any fees associated with the test. Testing dates may be postponed or moved due to low registration.

The CHWP performs official testing for Police Officers, EMS, Saskatchewan Justice/Corrections, Conservation Officers, Canadian Border Services Agency, Firefighters and Highway Patrol Officers.

Testing fees: $90 for SOPAT/COPAT/POPAT/PARE. Testing fees may vary per test/agency.

You may be required to provide a medical signed by your physician before testing. Please check with the agency you are running for if this is a requirement. Medical forms are available here.

Scheduled Testing:


Date - Time - Location
Oct. 5 - 10:00 AM - Gym 1
Nov. 3 - 12:00 PM - Gym 1
Dec. 1 - 12:00 PM - Gym 1
Dec. 12 - 9:30 AM - Gym 3 East
Sept. 29 - 12:00 PM - Gym 1
Oct. 6 - 12:00 PM - Gym 1
Nov. 10 - 12:00 PM - Gym 1
Nov. 24 - 12:00 PM - Gym 1
EMS Testing
Firefighter Testing
Dec. 5 to Dec. 9
Ministry of Highways Testing
Oct. 25 to Oct. 27
To register for an occupational testing session that is not previously scheduled by your agency, please call 306-585-4004 or email chwp@uregina.ca

*Fees for occupational testing must be paid at the time of booking (unless otherwise specified) to reserve your testing spot. No refunds are issued for occupational testing once payment has been processed.*