Initial Assessment

A medical referral and assessment are required to begin this program.

Please click here to access the medical referral form.  Please have your physician or specialist complete the form, and fax it to the Dr. Paul Schwann Centre.

Every person wishing to join the Rock Steady Boxing class will require an initial assessment prior to the class, to ensure the participant is suited to the program and assess the appropriate level they can work at.

Assessments are scheduled through the Dr. Paul Schwann Centre and cost $60 for a 1-hour assessment. Follow-up assessments after training will be optional.

We will contact you to schedule your assessment after your referral has been received.

Personal Equipment

Each individual will be required to purchases Boxing wraps and gloves for this class.  Following your assessment, gloves and hand wraps can be purchased from the Dr. Paul Schwann Centre.

Gloves: $14.70 (GST included)

Wraps: $31.50 (GST included)