Student Volunteer/Fieldwork Opportunities

The Dr. Paul Schwann Centre is located within the Centre for Kinesiology, Health and Sport at the University of Regina. The convenient location, knowledgeable staff and variety of services offered creates an ideal environment to attain practical experience in the field of health and fitness.

Who Can Apply?

Practical experience is offered to students:

  • requiring work experience hours for designated classes, and wishing to improve their testing, training and client rapport building skill set
  • requiring a fieldwork placement in the area of health and fitness
  • preparing for CSEP examinations

Preferential selection is provided to students already possessing valid CPR/First Aid and CSEP-CPT certifications

What Will I Be Doing?

The Exercise & Workplace Health Services area enables skill application and practice in the areas of:

  • general health & fitness
  • musculoskeletal rehabilitation
  • sport performance
  • corporate health & safety

The Cardiac Rehab, Chronic Disease and Risk Reduction area enable skill application and practice in the areas of:

  • exercise prescription for patients with heart disease and/or chronic disease
  • exercise demonstrations
  • ECG's, blood pressure's

The extent of student involvement varies greatly dependant upon current certifications held, skill level and knowledge level. Fieldwork students will progressively be provided with increased responsibility at the discretion of their supervising Certified Exercise Physiologist. Fieldwork students will receive the opportunity to improve the following skills:

  • professionalism
  • building rapport with clients
  • client safety assurance
  • heart rate, blood pressure, height and weight measurement
  • CSEP testing protocols
  • exercise prescription (healthy and non-healthy populations)
  • elite athlete testing/training
  • corporate health and fitness (pre-employment testing/training)
  • oral and written communication with multi-discipline health care providers

How Do I Apply?

Submit a cover letter and resume to Erin Tyson at Please state your current certifications, specific interest(s), learning objectives and the semester in which you anticipate doing your fieldwork.