Event Planning

The following information will help you prepare for events you are hosting at the Centre for Kinesiology, Health and Sport.

Setup and Cleanup

All setups of facilities will be scheduled and accomplished during rental agreement hours. Equipment must be reserved in advance. Where applicable, CKHS staff will be used to setup equipment (bleachers, floor covering, etc.) and costs charged to user. No equipment shall be removed from the facility without written permission from the Facilities Coordinator. All cleanup not completed by the user will be completed by the CKHS Event Staff and these costs charged to the user. Decorations and banners must be approved by the Facilities Coordinator. Examples of prohibited materials include adhesive tape, nails, screws and staples. All materials must be fire proof or fire retardant. Trash containers are provided by the CKHS for applicants use. The applicants may be responsible for emptying trash cans and facility cleanup.


Any advertising or promotion done for any event to be held at a University facility must comply with all the rules, laws and ordinances of the Faculty of Kinesiology and Health Studies, University of Regina, and Province of Saskatchewan. All applicants must obtain written permission by the University prior to any planned telecast/photograph recording of an event or activity at a University facility. No written materials shall be placed in, on or about a University facility without approval of the Centre for Kinesiology, Health and Sport.


A Centre for Kinesiology Supervisor shall be present at all times when the facility is in use. The supervisor shall be responsible for the facility and have authority in all matters regarding usage rules. The function will be terminated if rules are not adhered to or are broken by the user. Any group with participants under the age of 18 must have staff-approved chaperones.


The Centre for Kinesiology may require that outside security personnel be hired. The Facilities Coordinator in cooperation with Campus Security must approve the company hired, may ask to see proof of the contract and hiring must meet staffing requirements set by the University of Regina.


The Centre for Kinesiology requires all event organizers to contact Parking and Transportation Services with pertinent details such as time and date of event and anticipated number of spectators.

Concessions and Catering

Off-campus caterers are not permitted access to University controlled space for the purpose of providing catering services. Such restricted access not only includes events where remuneration for the catering services is to occur, it also includes events where no monies will be exchanged as in a sponsored event. Any exceptions to this policy will be determined on a case-by-case basis jointly between the University and University Food Services considering existing contracts, collective agreements, Health Regulations, and other University policies. Read more about options for concessions and catering on campus. To find out about serving alcohol on campus, read the University's policy on Sale and Service of Alcohol on Campus


As stated in "Contract Terms and Conditions", users shall provide a policy certificate for liability insurance. Minimum coverage will be $1,000,000. Users shall use release of liability waiver approved by the Faculty of Kinesiology which states that the University of Regina is not responsible for any damage, injury or liability resulting from the use of the facility.