Darren Candow


Office: CK 173
E-mail: darren.candow@uregina.ca
Phone: 306-585-4906
Website: Twitter: @darrencandow Instagram: dr.darrencandow

Research interests
The overall objectives of my internationally renowned, externally funded research program (CIHR, SHRF, CFI; Nutricia European Research Foundation) are to develop evidence-based interventions involving nutrition (creatine monohydrate; CR) and physical activity (resistance exercise) which have practical and clinical relevance for improving musculoskeletal aging and reducing the risk of falls and fractures.

Collectively, I have produced 87 peer-refereed publications in high quality journals; have an h-index of 36, i10-index of 49 and my research has been cited > 4300 times (15 papers have been cited > 100 times).

Current Research Projects

Timing of creatine supplementation during resistance-exercise on muscle and bone biology.

Publications (Past 5 years)

Candow, D.G., P.D. Chilibeck, J. J. Gordon, and S. Kontulainen. (in press). Efficacy of creatine supplementation and supervised resistance training on area and density of bone and muscle in older adults: a pilot randomized controlled trial. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise.


Bagheri, R., B. H. Moghadam, D. G. Candow, B. T. Elliott, A. Wong, D. Ashtary-Larky, S. C. Forbes, and A. Rashidlamir. (in press). Post-exercise Icelandic yogurt consumption augments resistance training gains in lean mass, strength, and alters skeletal muscle regulatory factors in healthy untrained older males. British Journal of Nutrition


Lane, G., C. Nisbet, S. Johnson, D.G. Candow, P.D. Chilibeck, and H. Vatanparast, (in press). Barriers and facilitators to meeting recommended physical activity levels among new immigrant and refugee children in Saskatchewan, Canada. Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism.


Forbes, S.C., D.G. Candow, S.M. Ostojic, M.D. Roberts, and P.D. Chilibeck. (2021). Meta-analysis examining the importance of creatine ingestion strategies on lean tissue mass and strength in older adults. Nutrients.



Forbes, S.C., J. R. Krentz and D.G. Candow (in press). Timing of creatine supplementation does not influence the gains in unilateral muscle hypertrophy or strength from resistance training in young adults: A within-subject design. The Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness.

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External Funding (Past 5 years)

Canadian Institutes for Health Research- Randomized Controlled Trial (2013-2018)
Title: Long-term effects of creatine supplementation and exercise training on bone mineral density and bone strength in postmenopausal women
Role: Co-Principal Applicant
Award: $ 578,455/5 years

Canadian Institutes for Health Research- Drug Catalyst Grant (2012-2013)
Title: Ibuprofen supplementation after resistance training and its effects on bone in postmenopausal women
Role: Co-Principal Applicant
Request: $99,212/1 year

Nutricia Research Foundation-Operating Grant (2010-2012)
Title: Potential of creatine application strategies and resistance-exercise for improving musculoskeletal health in older adults
Role: Principal Applicant
Award: $72,000/2 years

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