Rebecca Genoe


Office: CK 164.3
Phone: 306-585-4781
Fax: 306-585-4854

Research interests
My research interests lie in the area of leisure and aging, and Therapeutic Recreation (TR).  I am interested in better understanding the role of leisure in later life transitions, such as retirement, as well as leisure in the lives of older adults living with dementia or a chronic illness.  Taking a qualitative approach, I explore how older adults use leisure to cope with later life transitions and how these transitions impact leisure engagement.  I am also interested in exploring the experiences of TR professionals and how they provide services to their clients.

Recent Publications

Genoe, M. R., Cripps, D., Park, K., Nelson, S., Ostryzkiuk, L., & Boser, D. (2021). Meanings of therapeutic recreation: Professionals’ perspectives. Leisure/Loisir, 45(1), 35-41.

 Genoe, M. R., Liechty, T., & Marston, H. R. (2019). Leisure innovation and the transition to retirement. Leisure Sciences.

Genoe, M. R., Kulczycki, C., Marston, H., Freeman, S., Musselwhite, C., & Rutherford, H. (2018). E-leisure and older adults: Findings from an international exploratory study. Therapeutic Recreation Journal, 52(1), 1-18.

Genoe, M. R., & Zimmer, C. (2018). “At first I couldn’t catch my breath”: Process and strategies for managing chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. International Journal of Aging and Human Development, 86(2), 191-214.  10.1177/0091415017697727