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Larena Hoeber

Associate Dean (Graduate Studies and Research)

Office: CK 164.10
Phone: 306-585-4363
Fax: 306-585-4854

Research interests
My research agenda is based on the use of organizational theory (e.g., organizational culture, strategic decision making, innovation, power) to understand and critique the functioning of amateur sport organizations. My primary research interests are in the areas of organizational culture and values. I have focused on diversity-related issues in sport organizations, including gender equity in university athletics and Aboriginal volunteers. I approach much of my research from critical feminist perspectives, with the aim of identifying and rectifying unequal power relations that perpetuate societal inequities.

Recent Publications

Hoeber, L. (2008) Examining organizational values in practice. Saarbrucken, Germany: VDM Verlag.

Hoeber, L. 2008). Gender equity for athletes: Multiple understandings of an organizational value. Sex Roles, 58 (1/2), 58-71.

Hoeber, L. (2007). "It's somewhere on the list but maybe it's one of the bottom ones": Examining gender equity as an organization value in a sport organization. International Journal of Sport Management and Marketing, 2 (4), 362-378.

Hoeber, L., McKague, K., Riemer, H., Dorsch, K., & Kryzanowski, D. (2007). Lessons learned: Recruiting, training and retaining Aboriginal volunteers at sport events. Regina, SK: Sask Sport Inc., 47 pages.

Shaw, S., & Hoeber, L. (2006). Gender relations in Canadian amateur sport organisations: An organisational culture perspective. In P. White, & K. Young, (Eds.), Gender and sport in Canada, 2nd edition, Oxford: Oxford University Press.

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