Patrick Neary


Office: CK 164.23
Phone: 306-585-4844
Fax: 306-585-4854

Research interests

Integrative Exercise Physiology Central (cerebral) and Peripheral (muscle) Fatigue Cardiovascular Function and Ballistocardiography Pathophysiology of Concussion

Links of interest:

UK Rugby Health Project 

Recent Publications

Trevor K. Len, J. Patrick Neary, Gordon J. G. Asmundson, Darren G. Candow, David G. Goodman, Bruce Bjornson and Yagesh N. Bhambhani (2013). pdf icon Serial monitoring of CO2 reactivity following concussion using hypocapnia and hypercapnia. Brain Inj, 3. (CIHR, SHRF)

Morrison, S., Sleivert, G.G., Neary, J.P., Cheung, S.S. Prefrontal cortex oxygenation is preserved and does not contribute to impaired neuromuscular activation during passive hyperthermia. Appl Physiol Nutr Metab, 34:66-74, 2009 (NSERC)

Harrison, M.F., Neary, J.P., Albert, W.J., Veillette, D.W., McKenzie, N.P., Croll, J.C. Cytochrome oxidase changes in trapezius muscles with night vision goggle usage. Int J Industrial Ergonomic Accepted in Press, 2009 (DND)

Harrison, M.F., Neary, J.P., Albert, W.J., Kuruganti, U., Croll, J.C., Chancey, V.C., Bumgardner, B.A. (2009). Measuring neuromuscular fatigue in cervical spinal musculature of military helicopter aircrew. Mil Med., Accepted In Press 2009(DND)

Neary, J.P., Roberts, A., Leavins, N., Harrison, M.F., Croll, J.C., Sexsmith, J.R. Cerebral oxygenation during incremental exercise in chronic fatigue syndrome. Clin Physiol Funct Imag 28:364-372, 2008 (NSERC)

Neary, J.P., MacQuarrie, D.S., Jamnik, V., Gledhill, N., Gledhill, S., Busse, E.F. (2011). Assessment of mechanical cardiac function in elite athletes. The Open J Sports Med; 5:38-44. (CIHR)