Fieldwork Opportunities


NOTE:  The above table provides a sorted list of available Fieldwork Opportunities by area of study and intended semester of completion (Fall/Winter/ Spring & Summer). The output will be by location (province or international).

The Faculty of Kinesiology and Health Studies at the University of Regina believes that a well-conceived professional Fieldwork Program is essential for the facilitation of learning and personal growth of undergraduate students aspiring to serve in this segment of the health and human services field. Experiential learning is one of the critical steps a student takes in preparing for a career.

The "placement" of a student in a supervised educational experience is an integral part of a student's education in which a student may observe, inquire, participate, contribute and learn. Additionally, a competently managed professional learning experience may assist with the deepening of understanding of agency/organization functions, the opportunity to test theoretical concepts in a "real world" environment, the chance to develop professional competency skills, and the occasion to clarify career direction preferences. In essence, Fieldwork is the culmination of a student's academic preparation and is is considered a vital pre-professional learning experience.

The Fieldwork experience is a bridge for the student between the academic present and the professional future. It is a three-way partnership between the Faculty, the student, and the agency. All parties in the relationship assume definite responsibilities, perform specific functions, and achieve benefits as a result of their involvement. The Fieldwork experience is guided by a set of learning objectives developed by the student. These learning objectives describe the type of experience the student wishes to achieve. That is, they are statements that reflect the student's desire to enhance specific knowledge, skills, abilities and attitudes within their chosen field of study.

The opportunity to engage in the practical application of theories, postulates and guidelines learned in the classroom is afforded each student through this experience. It is through the Fieldwork program that students begin to recognize their skills, professional stature and professional goals.

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