Future & New Students

Future Students

If you are considering the Faculty of Kinesiology and Health Studies for your post-secondary home, you are making a fantastic choice.  With the faculty offering degrees in kinesiology, sport and recreation studies, and health studies, you are certain to find a program to apply your interests.  Admission requirements and links of interest are found on the right.  Below, you will find some tips for meeting with the advisor if you have any questions before you apply to the University of Regina.

We also recommend that you attend our faculty event, "Kinesiology and Health Studies Day!" being held on Thursday, November 7, 2019.  Registration is limited to 60 students.  Students under 18 must also include a guardian permission form.

New Students

New students to the Faculty of Kinesiology and Health Studies will have an ‘Academic Advising (AA)’ hold placed on their student account. You are required to meet with the Academic Program Advisor prior to registration until you have completed 24 credit hours (8 courses). At this meeting, we will review your required courses, and help determine the best course selection available to you. It is important that you come prepared with course options and questions in order to maximize the benefits of this meeting.

Preparing for Your Advising Appointment

Following are some advising tips that will help you feel better prepared for your advising meeting:

Prepare a List of Questions

Developing your questions in advance ensures you can leave the session with all the information you need to aid your decision-making process. One of the most common comments heard at the end of an advising session is, "I know I’ve forgotten to ask you something."

Consult the U of R course calendar

The University of Regina Course Calendar offers a wealth of information on everything from full-time programs to part-time courses including entrance requirements and course description

Research the Career

While academic advisors can answer many questions about education and employment opportunities immediately after graduation, it is a good idea to consult other sources about the long-term career possibilities after school. Connect with people who have significant experience in the career you are exploring. They can provide valuable information about working conditions, advancement opportunities, and income potential. This information may influence your decision to enroll in a program of study.

Transferring to the U of R

If you have completed post-secondary coursework from another institution and would like to see if any courses will transfer to the University of Regina we will require copies of the detailed syllabi (learning objectives, text used, material covered, grading, etc.) for each course. Some courses may have already been evaluated from your previous institution, so unless you have kept all of your outlines and have them readily available, wait until we meet to review what outlines we will require for evaluation and inclusion in your program.

Sample Careers

Wellness Coordinator Health Club Manager Personal Trainer Fitness Fitness Product Sales Nutrition Specialist Nursing
Occupational Therapy Physician Assistant Naturopathic Medicine Chiropractic Medicine Wellness Coordinator Pharmaceutical Drug Sales Biomedical Research &/or Sales
Athletic Trainer Nutrition Specialist Athletic Coaching Wellness Coordinator Health Club Manager Personal Trainer Graduate School in Kinesiology