Bachelor of Health Studies

The Bachelor of Health Studies is a joint degree between the Faculty of Kinesiology and Health Studies and the Faculty of Arts in partnership with the First Nations University of Canada.

It aims to provide students with an integrated understanding of the ways in which social, economic and cultural "determinants of health" shape individual beliefs, attitudes and practices, which in turn affect physiological and biological functioning of individuals.

The degree promotes an interdisciplinary understanding of health, drawing on both the social sciences and the natural sciences, and aims at promoting knowledge development and action conducive to health. This program meets the needs of Saskatchewan and Canada as health issues continue to dominate public policy choices. A key feature of this program is its emphasis on understanding indigenous health needs.

Graduates of the Bachelor of Health Studies work in the health field (government, community health programming) or pursue further education (medicine, graduate school).

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General Inquiries:

Please contact the faculty that handles your enrollment, If you are not currently enrolled in a faculty you may enquire about this program at one of the following faculties listed below.

Faculty of Kinesiology and Health Studies
CK 173
Phone: 306-585-4360
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CL 411
Phone: 306-585-4137
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