Neuromechanical Research Centre

NMRC lab

The aim of the Neuromechanical Research Centre (NMRC) is to explore the workings of the neuromuscular system as it relates to human movement and health. The NMRC is located in the Faculty of Kinesiology and Health Studies at the University of Regina and operates under the direction of Dr. John M. Barden. The NMRC is a 2600 sq. ft. research space dedicated to the analysis of human movement. It is equipped with a Peak Volant 6-camera 3D optical tracking system, two AMTI force plates, a KINCOM isokinetic dynamometer and a Delsys 8-channel telemetered EMG system. The NMRC conducts research in the areas of biomechanics and motor control. Examples of NMRC research projects include stroke mechanics in competitive swimming, postural control in children with developmental coordination disorder, coordination patterns in drumming, gait analysis before and after total knee replacement surgery and limb dynamics associated with proprioceptive reaching tasks.

NMRC Faculty

Dr. John M. Barden

Dr. Paul Bruno

Dr. Kerri Staples