Health Studies Courses

HS 200 - Understanding Health and Illness
An exploration of the major theories and models of health and illness (biomedical, health promotion, population health). Problem-based seminar. ***Prerequisite: Completion of 15 credit hours, including one of ENGL 100 or KIN 101 (or equivalent).*** *Note: Normally offered in fall semester only.*

HS 300 - Health in Canada
A political, economic and social history of health and health care in Canada. Problem-based seminar. ***Prerequisite: HS 200*** *Note: Normally offered in winter semester only.*

HS 301 - Health Issues
An interdisciplinary examination of selected contemporary health issues. Problem-based seminar. *** Prerequisite: HS 200 *** * Note: Normally offered in winter semester only. *

HS 400 - Health Studies Inquiry
Systematic inquiry into a selected health topic. Students will identify health issues, develop researchable questions, conduct research, and present findings. ***Prerequisite: HS 300, One of STAT 100/160, SOST 201 or PSYC 305 and one of KIN 220, PSYC 204 or approved research methods course*** *Note: Normally offered in fall semester only.*

HS 448 - Fieldwork
Students will be given the opportunity to apply their knowledge in a specific professional role related to their area of interest. The work experience will be undertaken by the student under supervision of a cooperating professional and the Fieldwork Coordinator. *** Prerequisite: Completion of 75 credit hours, including INHS 200, HS 300, KHS 300, and a minimum 65% PGPA. *** *** Corequisite: HS 450*** ** Permission of the Fieldwork Coordinator is required to register. **

HS 449 - Health Field Experience Paper
Students must complete an assigned paper which will integrate academic learning with their work experience. ** Permission from the Fieldwork Coordinator is required to register. **

HS 450 - Fieldwork Project
This course offers the senior health studies student with the opportunity to use their knowledge in skill in a professional setting. Further students will learn about professional environments through a program and service delivery lens. Seminar-based discussions will help students critically analyse their experiences, appreciate and examine various perspectives, and develop theoretical and practical ideas for their projects. ***Corequisite: HS 448**