Sport and Recreation Studies Courses

SRS 105 - Introduction to Sport and Recreation Management
An introduction to the administration of recreation and sport at the local, provincial, and national level.

SRS 110 - Recreation and Leisure Theory
Focus on the role of leisure and recreation in society emphasizing an understanding of the delivery system and the leisure phenomenon.

SRS 115 - Leadership
This course will provide the student with an in-depth theoretical and practical exploration of the concepts associated with leadership and human motivation in the organizational environments associated with kinesiology, health, recreation, and sport.

SRS 120 - Introduction to Recreation for Persons with Disabilities
This course will broadly introduce the student to the diagnosis, associated characteristics, and shifting sociocultural paradigms that influence the experiences of persons with physical, intellectural and/or developmental disabilities. Using an active living approach to situate theoretical and practical learning, this course requires the student to exercise the application of adapted physical activity principles to engage children, youth, and yound adults in physical activities that are safe, challenging, and self-determined with a focus on success. *This course is crosslisted with KIN 120*

SRS 130 - Junior Practicum in Sport and Recreation Management
An introductory practicum experience that will introduce students to professional roles within sport and recreation management. Students will engage in work related experiences on campus for an average of 9 hours per week over the course of the semester.

SRS 132 - Live Event Production and Sport Communication
This practicum-based course is designed as to provide hands on experiences introducing students to professional roles in the production of live sporting events and sport information management. Focus includes live media development and production as well as the generation of content for publishing via social media outlets and/or webcasts. Over the course of the semester students will develop skills in interviewing, camera operation, direction, and production of replays and highlight packages. *Note: Students can only receive credit for one of SRS 181AA or SRS 132.*

SRS 181AB - Podcasting & Dynamic Storytelling
A comprehensive introduction to the exciting world of sports podcast production. As the popularity of podcasts continues to rise, this course focuses on hands-on experience and practical application of sports podcasting skills. Students will have the opportunity to develop, produce, and refine their own sports podcast.

SRS 215 - Volunteer Management
The focus of this course is the management of voluntary/ non-profit sport or recreation organizations. The management of key resources, including volunteers and finances, will be covered. Additionally, the current context of these organizations will be discussed. *** Prerequisite: SRS 105 (KHS 140) and SRS 115 (KHS 156) ***

SRS 220 - Program Delivery and Management
An examination of the planning process and various program applications in the sport, recreation, and physical activity delivery systems. *** Prerequisite: SRS 105 (KHS 140)***

SRS 230 - Venue and Event Management
Examination of venue and event management processes with a focus on developing skills and gaining knowledge to critically assess events and facilities in terms of current management best practices. It will also examine the nature and importance of and relationship between venues and events in sport and recreation. The course may also touch on issues related to legal, ethical, and socially responsible management as it relates to facilities and events. ***Prerequisite: SRS 105 (KHS 140) and SRS 115 (KHS 156)*** ***Prerequisite/Corequisite: SRS 220 (KHS 243)***

SRS 241 - Social Construction of Disability
This course will enable the student to critically explore the traditional and contemporary understanding of disability, as a social construction, from a variety of perspectives: educational, socio-psychological, historical, socio-political, gender and community. Through this course, students will be able to contextualize disability within a broader social context. ***Prerequisite: KIN 120 *** * Note: This course is crosslisted with KIN 241***

SRS 308 - International Experience Course
An intensive course offering will be delivered in an international location.

SRS 318AA - Advanced Topics in Fan Behavior and Sport Related Tourism
Seminar style course examines topics and issues concerning consumptive behaviour in sport, liesure, recreation and tourism. An intensive course delivered by a visiting scholar.

SRS 318AB - Data Analytics in Sport
Data-driven decision making is a key feature of successful sporting teams and businesses as data is becoming more readily available through advancements in technology. The course is designed to equip students with the analytical skills and knowledge required to manage and analyze datasets related to high-performance sport, with the aim of providing enhanced insights to coaches, players and other stakeholders. ***Prerequisite: Completion of 60 credit hours***

SRS 320 - Current Issues in Kinesiology, Sport, Recreation and Leisure
This course is designed to allow students to identify, discuss, and address current sociological, organizational, economic, ethical, philosophical or cultural issues related to the fields of kinesiology, sport, recreation and leisure. ***Prerequisite: KIN 110 (KHS 154); SRS 105 (KHS 140), SRS 110 (KHS 141), SRS 115 (KHS 156)***

SRS 340 - Governance and Legal Issues in Third Sector Organizations
This course is designed to investigate the legal issues and management of risk in the sport and recreation delivery systems. This course will provide a basic understanding of the governmental systems and governing bodies that influence the delivery of recreation services and legal issues students will likely encounter in their future professions. ***Prerequisite: 60 credit hours***

SRS 351 - Sport, Recreation and Leisure Tourism
The course examines sport, recreation and leisure tourism from a multidisciplinary perspective (economic, social, cultural, environmental, organizational, managerial). The course explores multiple outcomes and implications of tourism. ***Prerequisite: SRS 220 or permission of the Associate Dean (Undergraduate) or designate*** *Note: Primary mode of delivery will be online*

SRS 360 - Outdoor Recreation Skill Development and Wilderness Experience
This experientially based course enables students to develop proficiencies in camping, canoeing, and orienteering through both theory and practice. Active participation in a one-week field trip in northern Saskatchewan is mandatory for all students. *Note: This course is cross-listed with EOE 339; credit may only be received for one of these courses.* *Additional Fee: $165.*

SRS 381AB - Advanced Topics in Fan Behavior and Sport Related Tourism
EXPERIMENTAL COURSE: Seminar style course examines topics and issues concerning consumptive behaviour in sport, leisure, recreation and tourism. Course will be offered in September of 2010 at the University of Regina and will require the completion of a collaborative group project with students from the University of Bayreuth, Germany.

SRS 381AC - Tourism & Leisure Behavior
This course introduces undergraduate students to the intricate global phenomenon that is tourism, analyzing its economic, social, and cultural importance and significance for guests (tourists), hosts (local communities), business providers and tourism organizations. The role of tourism as a powerful agent of change is particularly emphasized.

SRS 440 - Applied Sport and Marketing and Sponsorship Development
This course is an examination of (a) the fundamental principles used in the marketing and sponsorship of sport and recreation organizations and events, and (b) the centrality of service quality in the marketing of sport and recreation organizations and events. ***Prerequisite: SRS 110, SRS 220 and BUS 210***

SRS 450 - Sport and Recreation Management Consulting Experience
This course is designed to develop professional practice skills in sport and recreation management through the development and implementation of community-based project. ***Prerequisite: Minimum 60 credit hours completed, including all required SRM major courses, KIN 220, and minimum 70.00% major GPA.***

SRS 460 - Outdoor Recreation Resource Management
Historical antecedents and current issues and practices in the use and management of parks, forests, wilderness areas, and other North American outdoor resources for recreation activity. *** Prerequisite: SRS 220 (KHS 243) ***

SRS 465 - Commercial Recreation Management
An investigation of commercial recreation, sport organizations, and facilities including their philosophy, history, and personnel requirements. *** Prerequisite: SRS 220 (KHS 243) ***

SRS 491AA - Economic Impact of Sport Tourism
The purpose of this independent study is to develop an in-depth understanding of the current state of research on the economic impact of sport tourism.

SRS 491AB - Outdoor Adventure Program Planning
This course is designed to introduce students to the planning process and various program applications in the sport, recreation, and physical activity delivery systems. This course is designed to provide practical skills and applicable knowledge related to program planning and implementation.

SRS 491AC - Socio-Cultural Trends in Sport and Recreation
The purpose of this independent study class is to develop a theoretical and applied understanding of socio-cultural trends in the sport and recreation industry. In this course, the student determines both the trend (e.g., diversity, inclusion, feminism, multiculturalism, indigenization) and the context in which to study the trend.

SRS 498 - Honour Proposal
Supervised directed study and research leading to the development of a formal undergraduate thesis proposal for work to be conducted in SRS 499 (Honours Thesis). *** Prerequisite: KIN 220 ***

SRS 499 - Honours Thesis
A thesis based on research previously proposed in SRS 498 (Honours Proposal). Formal approval of the research topic is given by attaining a minimum grade of 70% in SRS 498 (Honours Proposal). The thesis will be presented orally in an open forum. *** Prerequisite: SRS 498 ***