About Us


Recreation Services promotes the pursuit of active, healthy and balanced lifestyles.


In alliance with the mission of the University of Regina, Recreation Services strives to be an integral component of the campus community by enriching and enhancing the quality of campus life and educational experiences of the university and broader community.  This is achieved by offering programs and services that are comprehensive, inclusive, and unsurpassed in quality. 


Recreation Services has defined these values as important guiding principles to fulfill its vision and mission:

SERVICE – We focus on participant needs by responding with quality programs and services.

EXCELLENCE - We strive to be leaders in the field of post secondary recreation by setting high standards and be innovative on our approach. 

INTEGRITY – We are committed to professionalism, ethical behaviors and courtesy in our actions. 

We believe that it is our duty to be responsible and responsive to the needs of our staff and constituents. 

COLLABORATION – We believe in building collaborative relationships with other campus service units who share a similar mandate of engagement.

INCLUSIVENESS – We recognize and appreciate diverse cultures, experiences and traditions that contribute to the overall mission of the University of Regina.   We strive to provide comprehensive programs that encourage everyone to engage in the pursuit of our vision.

PRIDE – We believe in promoting campus pride among students, patrons and guests by fostering a caring, safe and friendly environment. 

SAFETY – We believe in providing a safe environment for all. 

ENTHUSIASM – We will be passionate about our work and actively engage our students/patrons.

STUDENT LEADERSHIP – We will provide students with the opportunity to learn valuable life and technical skills that will contribute to their overall development as a contributing member of society. 

Program Areas
  • Intramural Sports and Special Events
  • Fitness Centre Operations and Fitness Classes
  • Aquatic Centre Operations and Programming
  • Open Recreation
  • Varsity Clubs
  • Summer Sports School and the new Young and Active Program
  • Special Interest Campaigns (i.e. UR Well, Girls in the Game, UR Connected)


A huge thank you to the undergraduate students in the KHS243 programming class, taught by Roz Kelsey, for creatively coming up with the new Recreation Services motto, "Realize a Better You" , as part of their class project. This motto reflects the University of Regina's commitment to contributing to the overall development of people and the community for which it serves. A special thank you to the following students:

Kelsie Jensen, Stefanie Vogt, Shane Ashby, Nicole Hedman, Jordan St. Onge, Jeremy MacDonald, Andrew Schmidt, Lindsay Chernoff,
Michelle Yeoman, Kevin Frey, Jeff Lukomski

Conduct Policy:  The University of Regina supports fairness and respect in dealings with all students, staff, faculty and visitors. VERBAL ABUSE WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. SERVICE MAY BE DENIED IF INAPPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR IS DISPLAYED. The U of R's Regulations Governing Discipline for Academic and Non-Academic Misconduct will be enforced.

Photograph Content Ownership: Recreation Services will use photographs taken throughout the year to promote its program and upcoming events/activities.  Participation in the program provides Recreation Services with the unrestricted right to use these photographs at its discretion for the purposes outlined above.

Assumption of Risk: Participation in the University of Regina Recreation Services Program involves the risk of personal injury. The use of equipment, facilities, and premises of the University of Regina and/or cooperating agencies by persons participating in Recreation Services activities shall constitute acceptance of that risk regardless of the nature of the injury.