Judo Club

Judo is a dynamic sport that teaches throws, holds and submissions in a way
that can be practiced safely and applied to competition, fitness, and life.
It teaches many direct lessons in the way of physical movement, self
defense, and fitness as well as many indirect benefits of mental and
physical well being.

We aim to increase skills, fitness, confidence, grit, and courage that
carry over into life so that you can realize your potential and succeed in
your personal goals and aspirations.

The UofR Varsity Judo Club is heavily focused on the sport and competitive
sides of Judo whether that be recreational or high performance you will
learn and apply skills in a safe yet challenging environment. You will be
asked to challenge yourself and experience growth that you can be proud of.

We believe that the first step is ensuring that the coaches and athletes
are aligned.

We will meet you where you are at in the sport and life and build you up
from there.

We will work with you to move out of your comfort zone and gain new

Come out and try something new! We will welcome you and give you the best
experience possible!


When you step on the Judo mats, we will honor and emphasize the traditional
values of the sport:

- playing by the rules
- co-operating with others
- respecting self and others
- self-discipline and humility
- self-confidence and commitment
- perseverance and determination
- concentrating and controlling emotions