About Triathlon


Tri It Out!

The U of R Triathlon Club is entering its first season. We exist to increase the training and competition options for triathletes at the U of R. Our club welcomes everyone from the most experienced athletes to those who have no experience. The only requirement is a willingness to work hard.

We will be holding organized practices from October to April, with workouts through-out the summer for those athletes still in Regina. Our competition season begins at the end of May and continues through the summer and for some athletes into the early fall.

Common excuses

I can’t swim very well-If you can make it down the length of the pool you can learn to swim well enough to finish a triathlon

I don’t have one of those fancy bikes-You don’t need a fancy bike, as long as your bike is safe to ride it will work

Come give it a Tri!

Contact us through our Facebook page at: U of R Triathlon Club

Email: alison.fisher@uregina.ca