Start a Club

Congratulations for having the initiative to be involved with a Varsity Club!

The University of Regina Student's Union oversees all applications for new clubs on campus.  As long as your club is open to all students (i.e., you can't have a club that prohibits minors) you're free to start one up. Here's what you'll need to submit to get your club going:


This should guide the democratic process of your club. Sample constitutions are available upon request.


We like accountability, just as we're sure you do. Provide us with a budget - a quick run-down of what your revenue and expenses will be. If you need help with the budget, just ask!

Release, Waiver, and Indemnity

Every member of the club/society must read, consent and sign this form.

Membership List

Who's going to be in the club? It can't just be you and your dog. You're going to need members to put on events; therefore, you need a membership list of who belongs to the club. We expect you to be able to find 20 (yes, twenty) students who are interested in joining your club. And yes, it's essential they are students, not members of the community at large. You'll find a membership list in the application form for your club.


These are the individuals who plan the activities of the club. A sample executive may include a chairperson, a treasurer, a secretary, an events organizer, etc. We require a minimum of four executive members.

Bank Account

You're going to need an account with a minimum of two signing authorities. No two signing authorities, no club. It's that simple. Advice on how to set up a bank account is free from the URSU executive.

Club Summary and Events List

What does your club want to accomplish this year? Why does this club require some start-up funds? Provide us with an events list - we'll even help you promote your events!

For more information about club funding, call the Students' Union Vice-President Operations & Finance, at 306-586-8811 Ext 212 or send e-mail to