Geocache Challenge

This is a single person event. This activity requires the use of the website and GPS, or the Geocaching App for your mobile device. This activity will take place between the dates of Monday, October 4, 2021 and Monday, November 15, 2021. This activity will require access to a camera to prove discovery of caches.



Participants must be current University of Regina student, enrolled in a minimum of 1 credit hour.

Sign up is Free. To register submit your cache on the document link below.

Caches entered cannot be used by the same person in two different challenges, the caches must be original to that challenge.



  • Geocaching is an outdoor activity that is similar to “treasure hunting”. This activity requires participants to use a GPS-enabled device to navigate to a set of coordinates found on or by using the Geocaching app (free download from the App Store, or Google Play store). At the coordinates, an individual will find a “cache” (treasure) hidden in various sized containers.
  • There are various types of caches, such as multi-stage, virtual, EarthCache, and puzzle caches.
  • All caches have varying degrees of difficulty for two aspects: Terrain (getting to the cache) and Difficulty (how well hidden the cache is at the coordinates)
  • Some caches have small prizes inside depending on the size. If someone takes a prize, they must swap in a prize, 1-for-1, of equal or greater value.



  • Participants must find as many caches as they can, to be eligible for a champion t-shirt
  • Entries will also be drawn for prizes throughout the challenge
  • The first 50 U of R Students will receive a Neck Gaiter (neck warmer)



  • Each participant must find and document their own cache.
  • To document the find, participants must take a picture of the cache and submit documentation of the finding using this google form: U of R Geocache Challenge! Report Form
  • Submissions will be accepted from October 4, 2021 until November 15, 2021
  • Winners will be contacted via email provided in the form
  • Any photos not adhering to the current Provincial Health Guidelines will be inadmissable
  • We would love to see your photos of you "cache's" on social media, tag us in your public photos @urallkinected and/or use the hashtag #UofRGeocache for us to potentially share on our social media



  • Your photos may be requested for use in future promotional material for the University of Regina, Faculty of Kinesiology and Health Studies. Photos will not be used without user permission


Have fun!

Past Champions

January/February 2021 - Sena Debia

March/April 2021 - Kelsey VanDyke

Fall 2021 - Will this be you?

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