Revive and Thrive

Revive & Thrive

What is Revive and Thrive 

Revive and thrive is all about optimizing your wellbeing and promoting a sustainable, healthy lifestyle. Join the conversation and learn about not only why it’s important to take control of your health wellbeing but also how we can do this!

When? There will be various revive and thrive (virtual) events throughout the semester. These events will focus on things such as: nutrition, sleep, mental health, reflection, gratitude, and journalling. Each of these things plays an important role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and it’s important that we learn how to make the most of each of these factors.



2020 Winter Series

Live Cooking Class featuring Ken Mullock (via Instagram Live)

To watch the live cooking class click here

Healthy Food Relationships: How ‘Eating Right’ Misses the Mark featuring Sydney Wright


See the presentation here

Reflect & Relax: Best Practices for Living on Purpose with Marie Barker

Marie will shares how reflection and relaxation are both important for leading a healthy, fulfilling life. She will also share tips on goal setting and how the two practices of reflection and relaxation contribute to achieving our goals! Let’s live our lives on purpose with intention.

See the presentation here

Sleeping Soundly: A Conversation on Quality Sleep featuring Courtney

Getting enough quality sleep is associated with many benefits including increased energy levels and an ability to focus. Your nutrition and lifestyle habits throughout the entire day have an impact on the quality and quantity of rest you obtain each night! In today's presentation we'll taip into the power of sleep and how to engineer your day to capture a great night's rest.

See the presentation here