Dimensions on Wellness

Physical Wellness

Traits of a Physically Healthy Individual: 

  • Exercises regularly

  • Eats a balanced diet

  • Gets regular physical check-ups

  • Adequate rest

  • Restricting intake of harmful substances

Physical Wellness Resources at the U of R:

Social Wellness

Traits of a Socially Healthy Individual:

  • Being comfortable with and liking yourself as a person

  • Network of friends, family and others for support

  • Communicating your feelings

  • Balances their time to incorporate social, or fun activities along with obligations

  • Contributing time and energy to your community

  • Interacts easily with people of different ages, backgrounds, races, and lifestyles

Social Wellness Resources at the U of R:

Intellectual Wellness

Traits of an Intellectually Healthy Individual:

  • Learning because you want to

  • Learning through varied experiences

  • Observing what is around you

  • Finding applications for materials learned in the classroom

  • Staying current with world affairs and news

  • Exposing yourself to new experiences

Intellectual Wellness Resources at the U of R:

Spiritual Wellness

Traits of a Spiritually Healthy Individual:

  • Being open to different cultures and religions

  • Giving your time to volunteer and participate in community service activities

  • Spending time defining personal values and ethics, and making decisions that compliment them

  • Spending time alone in personal reflection

  • Participating in spiritual activities

Spiritual Wellness Resources at the U of R:

Emotional Wellness

Traits of an Emotionally Healthy Individual:

  • Keeping a positive mind

  • Being sensitive to your feelings and the feelings of others

  • Learning to cope with stress

  • Being realistic about your expectations and time

  • Taking responsibility for your own actions & behaviors

  • Dealing with your personal and financial issues realistically

  • Viewing challenges as opportunities rather than obstacles

  • Functioning independently but knowing when you need to ask for help

Emotional Wellness Resources at the U of R:

Environmental Wellness

Traits of an Environmentally Healthy Individual:

  • Finding satisfaction and worth in your work

  • Ensuring your work environment in which you live

  • working to ensure the stability and longevity of our natural resources

Environmental Wellness Resources at the U of R:

Financial Wellness

Traits of a Financially Healthy Individual:

  • Living within your current means

  • Developing long-term and short-term financial goals

  • Budgeting effectively to reduce stress associated with debt

Financial Wellness Resources at the U of R: