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COVID-19 Grades - Funding Impacts

Funding Impacts for Students - W, CRC, NCC

Withdrawals (W)

Funding agencies specify a minimum number of credit hours as a requirement of funding. Students must maintain continuous registration in the minimum credit hours in order to receive funding. If you drop below the minimum credit hours, your funding could be discontinued. This includes government student loans.

Scholarships, awards and bursaries also have minimum registration requirements and dropping a class may impact your continued eligibility for these types of funding.  If you drop below the minimum requirement as specified by the award TOR, you may lose your funding.

If you are planning to drop a class it is highly recommended that you contact Student Awards and Financial Aid office at We can review your schedule and let you know if dropping that class would result in a possible discontinuation or loss of award funding.

Impacts of CRC and NCC on Undergraduate Student Awards

For the most part, the CRC and NCC grades will not affect your eligibility for undergraduate student awards, including continuing awards and convocation awards. Your award average will be calculated using only numerical grades. Where necessary, award deadlines will be extended in order to allow for the application of CRC and NCC grades.

Exceptions: Some awards are given to the student with the highest mark in a course. Students with CRC and NCC grades will not be considered for these awards. In addition, some awards are based on TGPA (term grade point average). If your TGPA does not contain numerical grades, you will not be considered for these awards.

Impacts of CRC and NCC on Graduate Student Funding

Please know that with CRC there may be some impact on the eligibility for funding for graduate students. For example, if this is your first semester and you receive CRC grades, we will look at your past degree grades to determine GPA for eligibility.  This is standard operating procedure when you do not yet have a numerical University of Regina GPA.

If you have current numerical grades, we will simply use the current GPA as your award average.