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Biology Undergraduate Programs

The Department of Biology offers several undergraduate programs, including BSc Biol and BSc Hons Biol degrees, BSc and BSc Hons programs in Environmental Biology (in collaboration with Saskatchewan Polytechnic, Lethbridge College and Lakeland College), a BSc in Indigenous Environmental Science via First Nations University of Canada, and a cross-disciplinary BSc program with the U of R Department of Geography and Environmental Studies. We also offer a Biology Co-op program (three one-semester work terms, with an optional fourth work term).  The BSc Biol and BSc Hons Biol programs include optional Areas of Concentration.

Biology and related BSc programs:

  • BSc and BSc Hons in Biology
  • BSc and BSc Hons in Biology, Cellular & Molecular Area of Concentration
  • BSc and BSc Hons in Biology, Ecology & Environmental Biology Area of Concentration
  • BSc in Indigenous Environmental Science (via First Nations University of Canada)
  • BSc Combined Major in Biology and Geography
  • BSc and BSc Hons in Environmental Biology (Joint Program with Lakeland College)
  • BSc and BSc Hons in Environmental Biology (Joint Programs with Saskatchewan Poytechnic or Lethbridge College)

The course requirements for all of the programs are also described in the official U of R Calendar (Undergraduate).

The Science Academic Hub (LB 238,, 306-585-4199) offers advising about the various Biology programs, and also for all of the other programs within Science. Alternatively, the Hub offers Zoom drop-in advising most weekday mornings.


The goal of the Honours program is to provide experience conducting independent research. At the end of the Honours program you will have written and defended a research-based thesis. The program allows you to earn credit for research-based work.

Biology Co-op

The goal of the Co-op program is to provide hands-on job experience for students enrolled in Bachelor's degree programs. Co-op work terms (four months) are interspersed with semesters in which students take courses, and completion of three work terms leads to a "Co-op" designation on your degree. In Biology, Co-op work terms may be at private companies, research institutions, government laboratories or universities.


If your goal is to pursue a professional or a transfer program at another university, you can start by taking your pre-professional or transfer courses at the University of Regina or one of our Federated Colleges. The various professional and transfer programs have a varied set of entry requirements, and it is important to be aware of the various requirements.