Environmental Health and Science (ENHS)

This program is closing and is no longer accepting new applications.

First Nations University of Canada (FNUniv) in partnership with the University of Regina, Faculty of Science offers a four-year program leading to a Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Environmental Health and Science (ENHS). The ENHS program is accredited through the Canadian Institute of Public Health Inspectors (CIPHI). This accreditation ensures that the graduates will meet the criteria for eligibility to sit the national exam to obtain a Certificate in Public Health Inspection.

What is environmental public health?

Environmental health is a branch of public health that protects humans against biological, physical, and chemical hazards in the natural and built environments.

What programs are at FNUniv in environmental public health?

FNUniv Science, in partnership with the U of R Faculty of Science, offers two programs in Environmental Health and Science (ENHS). Please refer to the Academic Calendar for more information about these programs.

What are the admission requirements?

Applicants must meet specific requirements of the Faculty of Science at the University of Regina.

What type of courses will I take?

You will take courses that will develop critical thinking skills to assess different types of health risks for Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal populations while learning ways to prevent, control and promote effective strategies for long-term health. You will build your knowledge base in courses like communicable disease control, food safety, health risk assessment, toxicology, water and waste management.

Why is there a practicum?

A 12-week practicum is required by CIPHI to be eligible to take the national exam. Students must complete field training in basic inspection areas like food saftey, drinking water quality, communicable disease investigations, recreational water, waste management , community environment and sanitation.

What is CIPHI?

The Environmental Health and Science programs are accredited through the Canadian Institute of Public Health Inspectors (CIPHI). This ensures that ENHS graduates are eligible to sit the national exam and receive the Certificate in Public Health Inspection (Canada).

What are my career opportunities once I graduate?

  • Public Health Inspector
  • Environmental Health Officer
  • Food Safety Officer
  • Environmental Project Officer
  • Safety Auditor

For information contact

Fidgi Gendron
Head - Department of Indigenous Science, Environment and Economic Development
First Nations University of Canada
1 First Nations Way
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
S4S 7K2