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BSc Environmental Biology

There are three distinct joint programs that lead to the BSc Env Biol (or BSc Hons Env Biol). These programs are offered in conjunction Saskatchewan Polytechnic (Prince Albert Campus), Lakeland College and Lethbridge College.

For the BSc programs, students receive 60 credit hours of “block transfer credit” for their applicable diploma from one of the colleges (all the diplomas require two years to compete), and take an additional 60 credit hours of courses at the University of Regina.

For a BSc Hons program in Env Biol, students receive 60 credit hours of block transfer credit for their applicable diploma, and complete 72 credit hours of courses at the University of Regina. The required University of Regina courses are described in the Undergraduate Calendar.

There are two ways to complete the Env Biol degree: 

  1. Complete an applicable diploma at one of the colleges, and then transfer to the University of Regina to complete the remaining courses.
  2. Complete one year at the University of Regina, transfer to one of the colleges and complete the diploma, and then return to the University of Regina to complete the remaining courses.

Most students have used option #1 but option #2 is also suitable. However, it is NOT possible to complete all of the University of Regina courses prior to attending one the colleges, as many of the University courses assume background knowledge gained during the diploma programs.

Please note that students must apply for entry to both the University of Regina and one of the college diploma programs; these are separate application processes. Some of the college diploma programs have waiting lists, thus it’s important to submit your application early.

Diplomas that are part of the Env Biol program:

Courses that can be included in the Env Biol programs

The Undergraduate Calendar lists courses that can be part of the Env Biol programs. Additional courses that may be suitable include:

  • Some “Selected Topic/Reading Courses” (labeled “BIOL 399XX” or "BIOL 490XX").
  • BIOL 396, Independent Research in Biology, if the project is on an appropriate topic. Please consult with the Biology Dept to obtain official permission.
  • BIOL 399AB and BIOL 399AC.
  • Other courses may also be considered; please consult with the Biology Dept.