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Bachelor of Science - Biology And Related Programs

The Department of Biology offers several undergraduate (BSc and BSc Honours) programs including cross-disciplinary programs with other University of Regina departments (Geography) with Saskatchewan Polytechnic, Lethbridge College and Lakeland College and with First Nations University of Canada.

Area of Concentration

Students may choose to focus on a specific area within biology by choosing an Area of Concentration or may complete a general Biology degree without an area of concentration; there is no difference in the total number of credit hours, or credit hours in the major, needed to complete the degree.

BSc programs

BSc Honours in Biology

The Biology BSc Honours program requires the same total credit hours as the BSc but three additional biology courses (9 credit hours) must be taken. Two of the additional courses must be BIOL 498 and BIOL 499 (independent research).

To graduate with a BSc Honours degree, students must have an overall average of at least 70%, and an average of least 75% in courses in the major discipline and required cognate courses (non-Biology Science courses required as part of the degree program).

Please see the Honours page for more details.

The course requirements for all of the above programs are described in the official UofR Undergraduate Calendar. The requirements are also shown on the Faculty of Science website.