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Bamfield Courses

Bamfield offers 3 or 6 week-long field courses in the Summer on topics such as ecology, physiology, conservation, organism development and scientific modeling. Deadline for summer 2012 courses is March 1st 2012.

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Why a Bamfield course

  • courses are very hands on
  • you will learn practical lab and field techniques
  • field experience is an asset when job hunting
  • field experience is an asset if you want to get into research someday
  • experience a highly biodiverse ecosystem very different from southern Saskatchewan
  • meet world-class professors who specialize in the courses they teach
  • communicate with other members of the scientific community
  • meet other students with interests like you
  • three weeks worth of courses will give you one 3 credit UofR course
  • since the course is only 3 weeks long you can still work most of the summer


Room and Board, Lab fees, Boat use at Bamfield

  • 3 week course: $1400
  • 6 week course: $2800

Tuition at U Vic

  • 3 week course: $486
  • 6 week course: $972
  • * Note that these tuition fees are revised annually.

Travel costs

  • If you drive, you need to factor in costs of stopping overnight (it's a 2000 km trip), and the ferry to Vancouver Island.
  • Flights to Nanaimo can be found for less than $700. From Nanaimo you take a bus to Port Alberni ($50 round trip), and then a boat to Bamfield ($70 round trip) OR take the Student Van to Bamfield. See getting to Bamfield
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How to apply

Applications are due Mar 1

  1. Apply to Bamfield
  2. Submit $50 application fee
  3. Submit necessary documentation fee to the Bamfield University Programs Coordinator.
  4. Get a Letter of Permission from U of Regina to take a course through U Victoria (available through the Science Student Services Office)
  5. After completion of the course, you need to submit your transcripts to the U of R Student Services Office to receive credit. Courses will appear on your transcript as 300-level Biology courses.

Which courses to take

Schedule of courses for summer 2012.

You can take any of the courses listed, but preference for acceptance will be given to students who take both courses in a block (for example, if you choose to take both Biological Oceanography and Limnology you will be given preference over choosing one or the other alone). Note that most courses are recognized as 300 level Biology courses, but some might require approval by the Biology Dept Head (ex. Science Filmmaking).

Deadline to apply for courses is March 1st. There is usually no problem getting into a course, and if they do not feel that you are equipped for the class, the Bamfield folks will usually suggest another course.

For more information, contact Dr. Kerri Finlay, or Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre.