Undergraduate Courses

Detailed information (including recent course syllabi) for all courses offered in our department is available by clicking the appropriate link in the left menu.

Most biology courses are offered once per calendar year and a few are offered every second year. Please see Usual Timetable for when courses are usually offered.

See the University's current timetables for the courses offered in the current semester and the upcoming semester (when available).

You can also check the U of R online course catalog. To find a course in the online course catalog, select any term, then select the subject Biology and enter the course number.

400 level courses in 3rd year

Third year students are encouraged to take 400 level courses for which they have the pre-requisites. There is not a lot of difference in the expectations associated with 300 and 400 level courses, so don't let being in 3rd year prevent you from taking 400 level courses that you are interested in!

Waitlists - how they work

If a course you want to take is full and has a waitlist, please add your name to the waitlist. If a spot opens up you will be notified by email; note that the notification is sent to your preferred email addresses and there have been problems sending email to Hotmail addresses. Once the email is sent, you have 24 hours to register before the open slot is offered to the next person on the waitlist. See Waitlist Instructions for more information.