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Usual Timetabling for Biology Courses

Core 100-level and 200-level Biology courses (i.e. that are part of the Biology BSc or Environmental Biology BSc programs) are offered on a regular and predictable basis.

Some 300-level and 400-level courses are also offered on a regular and predictable basis, while others are offered more irregularly.

Non-majors 100-level courses (BIOL 140, BIOL 150) are offered by Luther College and/or First Nations University of Canada on a regular basis.

Course Number Course Name Offered
BIOL 100 Introductory Biology I Every Fall (weekdays)
Saturdays (Most Fall terms)
Most Spring terms
BIOL 101 Introductory Biology II Every Winter
BIOL 110** Human Anatomy & Physiology Every Fall
BIOL 111** Human Anatomy & Physiology II Every Winter
BIOL 140* Human Biology Every Fall and Winter; on-line option
BIOL 150* Biological Principles Every Fall; sometimes Winter or Spring/Summer terms
BIOL 205 Introductory Genetics Every Winter
BIOL 222‡ Microbiology for Health Prof. Every Fall
BIOL 223 Microbes and Society Every Fall
BIOL 224 Introductory Medical Microbiology Some Winter terms
BIOL 266 Plant Physiology Every Fall
BIOL 275 Ecology Every Fall
BIOL 276 Environmental Biology Every Fall
BIOL 288 Cell Biology Every Winter
BIOL 302 Food Microbiology Some Fall terms
BIOL 303 Medical Microbiology Some Winter terms
BIOL 305 Genetics Every Fall
BIOL 310 Microbial Diversity & Cell Function Every Fall
BIOL 316 Conservation Biology Typically once per year; Fall or Winter
BIOL 335 Limnology Most Fall terms
BIOL 341 Biometrics On hiatus
BIOL 356 Ecosystems Since Glaciation Semi-regularly
BIOL 365 Vascular Plants Semi-regularly
BIOL 367 Plant Taxonomy Semi-regularly
BIOL 375 Systems Ecology Some Fall terms
BIOL 376 Population & Community Ecology Semi-regularly in Winter
BIOL 378 Animal Physiology Every Winter
BIOL 380 Animal Behaviour Most Fall terms
BIOL 385 Vertebrate Animal Biology Most Winter terms
BIOL 390 General & Comparative Endocrinology Semi-regularly
BIOL 395 Animal Developmental Biology Semi-regularly
BIOL 396 Independent Research in Biology Every term
BIOL 399AB Entomology Occasionally
BIOL 399AC Terrestrial Ecosystems Most Fall terms
BIOL 399AD Plant Energetics Most Winter terms
BIOL 402 Evolution Every Winter
BIOL 405 Molecular Genetics Semi-regularly in Winter
BIOL 406 Genomics Most Winter terms
BIOL 407 Neurophysiology Most Fall terms
BIOL 410 Bacterial Genetics Semi-regularly in Winter
BIOL 440 Modelling Biological Data Most Winter terms
BIOL 456 Global Biogeochemistry Most Winter terms
BIOL 457 Environmental Microbiology Most Winter terms
BIOL 463 Stable Isotope Ecology On hiatus
BIOL 498/499 Honours courses Every term
  • *Non-majors courses offered by Luther College and/or First Nations University. Cannot be taken for credit by Biology majors.
  • ** Restricted to Nursing students
  • ‡ Restricted to Nursing students and Pre-professional students for Veterinary Medicine, Pharmacy, Optmetry or Dentistry; see Pre-professional section of the Biology website
  • Semi-regularly = approximately every 2nd year