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Planning Your Degree

When planning a program of courses, you should maintain a long-term view. Most Biology, Chemistry and Biochemistry courses are only offered once per calendar year (see usual timetable for when Biology courses are usually offered). Make sure you take the required prerequisite courses when they are offered or you will find you cannot enroll in the courses you want to take later in your degree. For example, BIOL 380 (Animal Behaviour) has prerequisites of BIOL 275 (Ecology) and two Statistics courses.

Undergraduate Biology Program Requirements

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Biology Program Advising

If you have specific questions about your Biology degree program, please make an appointment to speak with a Faculty of Science program advisor. Appointments can be made at the Science Academic Hub (LB 238,, 306-585-4199).

Further information is available in the U or R Undergraduate Calendar.

Courses to take in your first year

BIOL 100 &
BIOL 101
are prerequisites for all majors 200-level Biology courses, and BIOL 100 is a prerequisite for BIOC 220.
CHEM 104 is a prerequisite for most 200-level Biology courses, and also for CHEM 140 (Organic Chemistry I).
CHEM 105 is a prerequisite for BIOC 220 (Biochemistry I - Biomolecules). If you plan on taking BIOC 220 in second year, you will need to take CHEM 105 in first year.

Note: Biology 30 and Chemistry 30 (high school biology and chemistry) are not prerequisites for BIOL 100 or BIOL 101, but are strongly recommended. As well, Chemistry 30 is a prerequisite for CHEM 104, which is part of the Biology BSc programs. Students who do not have Chemistry 30 (or equivalent) must take CHEM 100 (see General Calendar) prior to taking CHEM 104.

In order to progress smoothly through the Biology BSc program, at minimum:

  • your first semester should include BIOL 100 & CHEM 104
  • your second semester should include BIOL 101 & at least one of CHEM 105/140

Courses to take early in your program

STAT 100 and STAT 200 are required for all Biology programs and one or both are prerequisites for some of the 300- and 400-level Biology courses (e.g. BIOL 316, 341, 375, 376, 380, 490BW). To maximize your course options in 3rd and 4th year, especially if you are interested in ecological/environmental courses, take the required STAT courses in your first two years.
BIOC 220 is a prerequisite for most other Biochemistry courses. If you are planning on taking Biochemistry courses as part of your Biology BSc degree, take BIOC 220 early in your program.
CS 110 comes in handy if you are planning on taking Population & Community Ecology (BIOL 376), Genomics (BIOL 406) or Modelling Biological Data (BIOL 440).

Pre-professional students

Please see our pre-professional page