Fall 2023

Course Modalities


If a class section is being taught on-site, it will be designated with a building and room number.


If a class is being delivered in a combination of hybrid on-site and remote delivery, the on-site class section will be designated as Hybrid on-site classroom and will be scheduled in a building and room. The remote class section will be designated as Hybrid remote. Students need to choose how they want to attend for the full term and cannot switch from one modality to other after the add/drop deadline for the class.


Some classes have been set up to allow students to attend on-site or attend remotely with a level of flexibility on how they would like to attend each week. These class sections are designated as Hyflex online/onsite flexible.


If a course is being delivered remotely, it will be designated with Remote Learning Delivery Spec. This designates that the course is delivered primarily via Zoom with scheduled meeting days and times.

Online (Web) Delivered Courses

Some courses have undergone a formal online delivery development process that includes enhancements designed to support instruction and learning in an online environment.

These supports include UR Courses and many other multi-media enhancements. These courses are designated as Web-delivered classes as seen in the example below. Most Web-delivered courses will not have scheduled meeting times, but some do, which will be shown in the class section selected.

Video-Conferenced Classes

A video conferenced class is a class section that is offered at an off-site location (Regional Colleges and First Nations University of Canada campuses) and uses video conference technology to deliver the course to multiple locations.

Off-Campus Courses (outside of Regina)

A class section that is being delivered at an off-campus location (outside of Regina) will have the delivery and location information noted within the class section.

Multiple Teaching Methods

Courses that are delivered using multiple teaching methods which include remote synchronous class meetings and online instructional components.