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The Faculty of Science offers many undergraduate and graduate programs. All of the undergraduate opportunities can be found here. For graduate opportunities please see the specific department website.

Biology Biology
The Department of Biology provides quality undergraduate teaching, graduate student training, and postdoctoral fellow mentorship. In addition to its modern facilities for advanced molecular and environmental research, the Department of Biology is home to several of the top scientists in ecological, environmental, and cellular and molecular biology.

Chemistry &Biochemistry Chemistry & Biochemistry
The Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry offers BSc, MSc, and PhD degrees. Ongoing research at the University of Regina includes; Environmental Analytical Chemistry, Synthetic Chemistry, Computational Chemistry, Molecular Biology and Biophysics.

Computer Science Computer Science
The Department of Computer Science offers programs of study related to computing, information technology and software design and application. Students may pursue full-time or part-time study leading to a Certificate in Computer Science or to B.Sc., M.Sc., or Ph.D. degrees. Our accredited undergraduate degree programs in Computer Science and in Software Development are complemented with Co-operative Education programs.

Economics Economics
The department offers a major and honours major in economics, a major in economics and society, several joint majors and honours majors, a BSc major and BSc honours major in economics and a joint BSc in statistics and economics. The department also offers a certificate and minor in economics.

Biology Geography
Geography is the study of environmental phenomena in their locational context. This includes aspects of both the human and physical environment, such as settlement, population, economy, topography, climate, vegetation, and water. The department offers a Bachelor of Arts program through the Faculty of Arts, as well as a Bachelor of Science.

Geology Geology

Geology is the study of the Earth, its history, formation, materials, structure and processes. The Department of Geology offers several degree pathways that lead to accreditation as a Professional Geoscientist (P. Geo.). We offer BSc major and honours in Geology and BSc major and honours in Environmental Geoscience and BSc Geology Co-op streams. The department has an active graduate program, offering MSc, PhD, Postdoctoral, visiting scientist and mentorship opportunities. We have strong links with industry and government and our graduates have gained employment in over 25 different careers.

Mathematics and Statistics Mathematics & Statistics
The department has three main areas of focus: Mathematics, Statistics, and Actuarial Science. These three disciplines form the basis of interdisciplinary programs such as Biology and Statistics, Economics and Statistics, and Mathematics and Mathematics Education. The department also has a vibrant graduate program.

Physics Physics
The Department of Physics at the University of Regina offers programs leading to the B.Sc. and B.Sc. Honours degrees in Pure and Applied/Industrial Physics, and the M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in Experimental and Theoretical Subatomic Physics. Co-operative Education programs with local industry play an important role in our undergraduate degree programs.

Preprofessional Preprofessional Programs
Students intending to enter professional programs at other Universities can take their pre-professional programs in the Faculty of Science. Professional Programs are very seldom direct entry, and will often require two or more years of undergraduate study prior to admission.