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Pre-professional Programs

Pre-Professional Presentations

Pre-Medicine Presentation
Pre-Dentistry Presentation
Pre-Professional Presentation (Pharmacy, Nutrition, Veterinary Medicine, Optometry etc.)

Students intending to enter professional programs at other Universities can take their pre-professional programs in the Faculty of Science.  Professional Programs are very seldom direct entry, and will often require two or more years of undergraduate study prior to admission. 

Each Professional program is slightly different and students are encouraged to contact the admissions department of the program they are interested in to confirm and develop an adequate understanding of the application requirements.  The links above will take you to the web pages of the professional programs that students will most often apply for after completing their pre-professional requirements at the University of Regina.  Students are welcome to meet with the Academic Program Advisor in Science to discuss other programs and get assistance with choosing courses that will meet pre-requisite requirements for their Professional program of interest.

All courses taken in these pre-professional programs are credit courses, and as such, they may be applied to any of the degrees offered by the University. Details can be found in the University of Regina Undergraduate Calendar.

Students interested in Professional programs are encouraged to consider that due to the competitive nature of these programs, very few applicants are granted admission on their first attempt.  In fact, many students complete a Bachelor’s degree prior to being accepted to many of these programs. As such, students are encouraged to consider a preparatory degree program that will aid in their elective course selection and contribute to the completion of a degree program while they are working towards admission to their program of choice.  For example, a student interested in Medicine may wish to declare Biology as their preparatory degree program, so that they are working towards a greater understanding of biological systems while they continue to apply for admission to Medical School.

For further information regarding Pre-professional programs at the University of Regina, please contact the Science Academic Hub.

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