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The Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) from the University of Regina is accredited by the Canadian Association for Social Work Education. Our curriculum incorporates essential field education components that enables students to develop the skills learned in the classroom through direct experience in Social Work practice even before they graduate.

Students interested in applying to the BSW must complete the Pre-Social Work requirements first.


Graduates from our program can work in various capacities in the human service field, including: 

  • family counselling
  • mental health and addictions
  • child welfare
  • activism, advocacy and empowerment
  • newcomer support
  • policy analysis and research
  • healthcare
  • criminal justice
  • community development
  • education

Skill Development

Students gain skills necessary to counsel individuals and facilitate groups; analyze social programs and policy; develop and administer social programs; empower community groups; manage stress and conflict; conduct social research and write organized reports; critically analyze complex issues from multiple perspectives; and generate and implement problem-solving strategies.

Practice Model

Our BSW program is generalist in approach and oriented particularly to the Saskatchewan context, emphasizing preparation for work in urban, rural and remote areas including diverse individuals, families and communities with various circumstances.  Generalist social work practice as a model is focused on strengths, and utilizes a range of approaches including assessment, intervention and connection to available resources.

Program Accessibility

Social Work classes are offered in a face-to-face setting through the University of Regina at the Regina and Saskatoon campuses, as well as at various regional colleges. Some courses are also offered through web-delivered, televised or video-conference delivery methods to accommodate students in rural areas. The Faculty of Social Work also delivers the BSW in Whitehorse, Yukon in affiliation with Yukon College.  The decentralized BSW program and an adult education philosophy encourage part-time studies and continuing education for those employed in the fields of human services

Understanding Your Studies

To graduate with a BSW, students must successfully complete both the General University Studies (GUS) and the Social Work (SW) sections of our program. The GUS section is 57 credit hours and the SW section is 63 credit hours, totaling 120 credit hours of university studies, including the courses taken in the Pre-Social Work program.

In addition to viewing the requirements listed below, please refer to the BSW Program outline in the Undergraduate Calendar.  All course descriptions are available through the Course Catalog.  It is recommended that students meet with an Academic Program Advisor before registering in classes.

Students may wish to complete the Social Work section of the BSW by following our Recommended Sequencing Pattern.  Students can also track their progress using Degree Audit (see information below) to see which courses they have completed.

Applying to the Bachelor of Social Work

Students wanting to apply to the Bachelow of Social Work need fill out an online application form. The intake for BSW students is once per year. The deadline to apply each year is January 15th.

When applying:

  • Application Type: you must select 'Bachelor of Social Work'. Do not choose a general type such as mature, high school, college/university, international, etc.
  • Planned Program of Study: 'Bachelor of Social Work'
  • Level: 'Undergraduate'
  • Admission to the BSW is for the Spring/Summer semester (May-August); however, students who gain admission also have the option to start in Fall.

Information / Preparation Session:

Before applying, it is recommended that you watch an online BSW Application Preparation Session Passcode: kP.1%Fz9 (available from October to January).  


There is no fee to apply to the BSW Program. However, there is an application fee to apply for admission to the University of Regina. BSW applicants who are NEW to the University of Regina must pay the application fee. Current University of Regina students have already paid this fee and may select 'pay later' to avoid paying it a second time. Applicants must choose a payment option to successfully submit their application.


We require that applicants submit up-to-date, official transcripts from any other post-secondary institutions they have attended (we do not require U of R transcripts).  Official transcripts must be submitted in an institution-sealed envelope by January 15th of the application year.  For more information, please refer to our Admissions page.


Applicants will receive confirmation of successful submission, and it is highly advisable to print this confirmation for your records.

Study Locations
The University of Regina's Social Work program expands beyond its Regina and Saskatoon campus locations. Learn more about our study locations and where Social Work classes are offered.
General University Studies (GUS) Courses


Credit Hours Course
3 English 100
3 English 110
3 Indigenous Studies 100
3 Indigenous Studies 200 level or higher (260 or 262 is recommended)
3 Psychology 101
3 Sociology 100
3 Sociology 200 level or higher
3 Sociology 200 level or higher
3 Women's and Gender's Studies 100

Open electives

University courses at the 100 level or higher. May include up to 9

credit hours of Social Work courses.


Total credit hours in General University Studies (GUS)

Social Work Studies Courses


Credit Hours Course
3 Social Work 100
3 Social Work 202
3 Social Work 346*
3 Social Work 347*
3 Social Work 350*
3 Social Work 390*
3 Social Work 421*
3 Social Work 451*
3 Social Work 460*

Social Work 469*


Social Work 405*


Social Work electives*


Social Work 348 Practicum I*


Social Work 448 Practicum II*

*denotes courses requiring admission to the BSW for enrollment.


GUS Open Electives

General University Studies (GUS) courses are any university course at the 100 level or higher, with the exception of Social Work and Indigenous Social Work courses. A selection of courses from any of the following subject areas are recommended as part of the General University Studies section of the Bachelor of Social Work program.  This list is intended to give students a starting point towards completing the GUS section of the BSW.

  • ANTH – Anthropology
  • CREE – Cree Language
  • DENE – Dene Language
  • ECON – Economics
  • ENST – Environmental Studies
  • HIST – History
  • HS – Health Studies
  • ILP – Intercultural Leadership
  • INDG – Indigenous Studies
  • INDL – Indigenous Languages
  • INHS – Indigenous Health Studies
  • INA – Indian Art
  • INAH – Indian Art History
  • IS – International Studies
  • JS – Justice Studies
  • KHS/KIN – Kinesiology & Health Studies
  • LG – Local Government Authority
  • MAP – Media, Art, and Performance
  • NSLI – Non-profit Sector Leadership & Innovation
  • PHIL – Philosophy
  • PSCI – Political Science
  • PSYC – Psychology
  • RLST – Religious Studies
  • WGST – Women’s & Gender Studies
  • SAUL – Saulteaux Language Studies
  • SOC – Sociology
  • SOST – Social Studies

Please keep in mind these subject areas in particular are recommendations. Although students must complete 30 credit hours of GUS electives within the BSW program, it is not required that students complete courses in all of the above subject areas. There is not a limit set on the number of introductory courses students may use as GUS electives in the BSW; however, it may be in a student's best interest to build upon introductory courses by taking advanced courses in the same subject area. All course descriptions are available through the Course Catalog.

Bachelor of Social Work students are required to participate in two practicums. PLAR for SW348 - Practicum I is suspended indefinitely. This helps students acquire additional knowledge and skills through supervised practice.
Track Your Progess

Students in the Pre-Social Work and BSW Programs may find it effective to track their own progress by using our Degree Audit software.  This tool is located in UR Self-Service, and is referred to as 'Advisor'. Degree Audit software are excellent options for students to be proactive in planning their academic journeys; however, students are always encouraged to seek advice from an Academic Program Advisor if they are at all uncertain about the course of their studies.

Learn more about using Degree Audit


For students admitted to the BSW after May 1, 2018, to graduate with a BSW, a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 70% is required within the social work studies section of the program, as well as overall GPA on the 120 credit hours contributing to the degree.

The Faculty of Social Work does not have "Distinction" or "Great Distinction" graduation categories for the BSW.

Students who have completed the requirements for the BSW need to fill out the Application for Graduation and submit it to the Faculty of Social Work Student Services Office.

Convocation Deadlines:

Spring Convocation: students who will complete their program requirements by April 30 must submit their applications to graduate between August 1 (the year before) and January 31 (graduation year) in order to attend Spring Convocation.

Fall Convocation: students who will complete their program requirements by August 31 must submit their applications to graduate between February 1 and July 31 (graduation year) in order to attend Fall Convocation.

BSW as Additional Degree:

Students admitted effective January 1, 2003 must complete an additional 60 social work credits over and above their previous degree; 45 of these 60 social work credits must be completed through the University of Regina.

Students admitted prior to January 1, 2003 who have a four-year prior degree must complete an additional 45 social work credits over and above their previous degree. These must all be completed through the University of Regina.

Please visit the U of R Convocation page for further information.


Stale Dated Courses & Discontinued Programs

Stale Dated Courses

Social Work courses taken more than 10 years prior to commencing a practicum in the BSW are considered 'stale dated'.  Students will be required to update their knowledge by repeating stale dated Social Work courses. This policy excludes general university courses.
Social Work courses that have contributed to completed Social Work credentials (i.e. certificate or diploma) will
not be subject to this stale-dating policy.


Required Social Work courses in the current BSW Program are:

  • SW 100
  • SW 202
  • SW 346
  • SW 347
  • SW 350
  • SW 390
  • SW 421
  • SW 451
  • SW 460
  • SW 469
  • SW 405

Discontinued Programs

Students follow the course requirements in place at the time of their BSW admission, even though these programs are discontinued. The exception to this is for students who have taken a break from studies for 3 semesters or more. In this case, students must apply for readmission to the University of Regina. Upon successful readmission, students must follow the current BSW course requirements.
Students who have not completed a discontinued program by the completion deadline (see below) must switch to the program requirements in place on May 1st of the deadline year.
  • 2014-2018 Intake (completion deadline: April 30, 2023)
  • 2012-2013 Intake (completion deadline: April 30, 2019)
  • 2004-2011 Intake (completion deadline: April 30, 2019)

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