Professional social work education involves the acquisition of knowledge and skills through academic study and through supervised practice, which is called practicum. In the Bachelor of Social Work Program, students will complete two of these field education experiences in SW 348 & SW 448.

Practicum involves direct practice in social work agencies and other settings in which students are exposed to situations that call for their active engagement in a helping role. Students are also expected to carry a reduced workload, subject to close supervision by the agency.

Seminars are conducted to provide students with an additional source of theoretical learning related to the practicum experience. Opportunities to share learning are also provided to students through case presentation and the study of emerging practice issues amongst a group of peers experiencing practicum in different agency settings.

Practicum Drop- In Session

Monday’s from 2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Thursday’s from 9:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.

All students are welcome. Whether you are a Pre-Social Work student with questions about practicum, new to the Bachelor of Social Work program or you are a currently in the placement process, this is your opportunity to speak with a Practicum Placement Coordinator.

Join via Zoom:

Meeting ID: 979 2884 3922

Passcode: 547777

Drop-in sessions will be on hold for the months of July and February and over the Christmas break.

Practicum Application Deadlines

January 15th Fall Practicum
May 15th Winter Practicum
International Portfolio Deadlines
March 31st
Fall Practicum
June 30th
Winter Practicum
Practicum Application Form (fillable)

Contact the Practicum Office

Field Education Coordinator

Erin Beckwell
Phone: (306) 664-7383

Regina Practicum Placement

Miranda Hoiland
Phone: (306) 585-5448

Saskatoon Practicum Placement

Bayani Trinidad
Phone: (306) 664-7387

Applying for Practicum

Step 1: Submit Practicum Application Form

Students who are ready to enter the practicum stage of the BSW are required to submit a practicum application form by the deadlines noted above. Students should make note of prerequisite courses before apply for practicum.

Step 2: Attend a Practicum Information Session

Students who have submitted the practicum application form will be notified of all details pertaining to the information sessions. However, students can also find information on upcoming session dates and times on our appointment scheduler.

During each session, information regarding academic eligibility requirements, student responsibilities and the placement process will be provided. Students who are unable to attend must contact their Practicum Placement Coordinator (PPC) prior to the information session date.

Step 3. Participate in Practicum Placement Planning Meeting

Those students students who have met the academic eligibility requirements, as confirmed by the PPC, participate in a placement planning meeting booked by the student. Students need to prepare three documents in preparation for their planning meeting with the PPC:

  • Area of Interest Form;
  • Updated resume;
  • Cover letter.

Following the placement planning meeting stage, a matching process will occur to determine the best possible fit between students and available placements. Students are placed into practica by a PPC. Students are asked not to independently pursue a practicum placement.


Practicum Information

Academic Eligibility Requirements

SW 348: Practicum I
Courses:  SW 100, SW 346, SW 390 and 6 other SW credit hours
GPA: 70% on the Social Work section of the BSW

SW 448: Practicum II
Courses:  SW 100, SW 202, SW 346, SW 347, SW 348, SW 350, SW 390, SW 421, SW 451, SW 460 and SW 469
GPA: 70% on the Social Work section of the BSW

*Students are required to have successfully completed the courses listed prior to enrolling in practicum.
** Students must have a minimum grade point average of 70% in the Social Work section of their BSW.

Placement Settings
Practicum placements are available in a diverse range of practice settings, including direct practice, policy, community development, and research. Within these areas of practice students may be placed in government or community-based agencies, in locations throughout Saskatchewan and Canada, and across a variety of fields including health care, social services, education, and corrections. As part of the placement process, students will be guided through a series of steps aimed at identifying the types of placement settings that interest them, the geographic location(s) they are seeking, as well as the communities or populations that they hope to work with during their practicum placements.
International Placements

International placement opportunities may be available to students enrolling in SW 448 (Practicum II). Students with an interest in an international placement for Practicum II (Major Practicum) will be required to complete an application and proposal outlining the details of their placement request. International practicum placements are unique experiences that require thorough pre-planning and goal setting on the part of the student and supervisors (local and international). The proposal must be submitted at least six months in advance of the placement start date to ensure that all relevant matters related to the placement have been addressed by the student.

Guides and Forms



Practicum Application Form (fillable)

Learning Agreement

  • SW348: Field Practicum I: PDF or Word
  • SW448: Field Practicum II: PDF or Word 

Practicum Evaluation

  • SW348: Field Practicum I: PDF or Word
  • SW448: Field Practicum II: PDF or Word

Out of Prov & Rural Practicum Proposal Application

International Practicum Proposal Application

Field Instructor Resources
Field instructors are an integral part of the practicum process. We have training and resources to help guide and support you.
Important Notes
  • Students are not permitted to register for any other courses during a full-time SW 448 practicum semester without written permission of the Associate Dean of Social Work.
  • All students must have a minimum GPA of 70% in the social work portion of the BSW program, and must have completed the prerequisite courses to be eligible for enrolment in SW 348 or SW 448.
  • Application for practicum placement must be completed by the deadlines listed above.
  • SW 448 may be attempted on a P/T basis over two semesters starting in the Fall semester only. Practicum enrolment limits are determined by the availability and suitability of placement settings.
  • SW 348 and SW 448 are offered in the Fall and Winter terms. Practicum is not offered in the Spring/Summer term unless a Faculty member has a special project. In those cases, students will be made aware at their placement interview that there may be an opportunity.
  • Students are required to participate in practicum workshops prior to commencing in their placements; details will be provided during the practicum information sessions.