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Pre-Social Work

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Pre-Social Work is a 30 credit hour, 1 year program designed to prepare students for the Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) program. Students pursuing a BSW need to enter through the Pre-Social Work program unless they have previous academic credits that are equivalent to the Pre-Social Work requirements. Students can receive transfer credit for these previously completed credits. We also have a detailed program brochure with more information about the program.

The BSW program is a competitive program and students are not guaranteed entry after their first year of Pre-Social Work.

If students gain admission to the BSW after their first year of Pre-Social Work, they will have already completed 30 credit hours toward the 120 credit hour degree. This means students only need to complete 90 credit hours in the BSW.

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If students do not get into the BSW program after the first year, they can continue to take courses worth up to 63 credit hours (approximately 2 years of study) toward their BSW course requirements.  This includes the entire 57 credit hour General University Studies (GUS) section of the BSW, as well as two social work courses: SW 100 and SW 202.  Students who complete 63 credit hours while in Pre-Social Work will only need to complete 57 credit hours once admitted to the BSW. 

It is strongly recommended that all new Pre-SW students participate in New Pre-SW Group Advising upon admission to the Pre-Social Work program, before registering in classes. Please also refer to the BSW Program outline in the Undergraduate Calendar.  All course descriptions are available through the Course Catalog.

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Apply to the Pre-Social Work Program
To apply for the Pre-Social Work program, you need to apply online through the admissions portal. Important notes:
  • Please refer to the U of R Admissions page for application deadlines.
  • Current U of R Students in other faculties: this will be a faculty transfer.
  • Future U of R Students: this will be your application for admission to the University.
  • Application Type: Choose a general type: mature, high school, college/university, international, etc. Do not choose 'Bachelor of Social Work'!
  • Planned Program of Study: 'Pre-Social Work'
  • Level: 'Undergraduate'
Study Locations
The University of Regina's Social Work program expands beyond its Regina and Saskatoon campus locations. Learn more about our study locations and where Pre-Social Work classes are offered.
Pre-Social Work Course Requirements
Pre-Social Work Program: 30 Credit Hours
Credit Hours Course
3 English 100
3 Indigenous Studies 100
3 Psychology 101
3 Sociology 100
3 Social Work 100

University credit hours.

We recommend 12 credit hours of General University Studies (see below)

and SW 202


Total credit hours needed for completion of Pre-Social work

*General University Studies (GUS) refers to any course from the non-Social Work Studies (SW) section of the BSW program.  The BSW program is divided into 57 credit hours of GUS and 63 credit hours of SW.  Students in Pre-Social Work may take any of the GUS requirements to complete the 30 credit hour Pre-SW requirements. 

Note, if you have taken any social work courses more than 10 years ago, please review our policy on stale-dated courses.



General University Studies Courses

General University Studies (GUS) include 57 credit hours of courses. Students need to include 15 credit hours of GUS courses in their Pre-Social Work program. Students who are not accepted into the BSW after their first year will continue to take GUS courses as credits towards their BSW.

General University Studies (GUS)

Credit Hours Course
3 English 100
3 English 110
3 Indigenous Studies 100
3 Indigenous Studies 200 level or higher (260 or 262 is recommended)
3 Psychology 101
3 Sociology 100
3 Sociology 200 level or higher
3 Sociology 200 level or higher
3 Women's and Gender's Studies 100

Open electives

University courses at the 100 level or higher. May include up to 9

credit hours of Social Work courses.


Total credit hours in General University Studies (GUS)

Academic and Professional Performance
Pre-Social Work students are expected to uphold certain academic and professional standards.

Academic Advising

Scholarships and Awards

Transfer Credit

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