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Faculty & Staff

Approving an Exam Booking

Instructors will receive an e-mail when they have an exam booking request. You will need to login to Accommodate Symplicity in order to approve the booking request. Further details on how to do so are found in this training handout and short video.

Instructor Responsibilities

  • Review and approve exam bookings in a timely manner
  • Upload a copy of the exam to Accommodate or deliver the exam to the ATC before the testing time and date (the sooner the better)
  • The instructor or a designated proxy must pick up the exam at the ATC

ATC Responsibilities

  • Ensure students only have allowed items in the test room
  • Monitor via surveillance cameras, ATC staff and invigilators to ensure there is no academic misconduct
  • Observe start and end times of the exam
  • Keep both incomplete and complete exams in a secure area of the ATC